The beginning…

    Gone are my facebook days of notes and even more notes… I have come to find this a more useful tool to air my eager voice. January 21st, the start of a wonderful journey with you and you and you! I just want to warn you that some of my future posts may be a bit eerie, and melancholous but on other days there shall be sanguine filled with rainbows and sunshine.. ISH. I’m not your typical happy-go-lucky type of woman with the world on her shoulders and everyone else at her feet as most women want to be. I am a complex entity having lived through a lot in my short and yet exciting life. This is the beginning of a new year and yet another treacherous trip down D.od’s wary lane… we shall laugh, cry, ponder and maybe even hate along the way but all in all, we shall go though it together.
I have a couple of mentors Id love to mention who finally managed to engage me in the blogging world, Brian Iloti, Wilson Kageni, Chaka Sichangi, and Ian Arunga… such gifted writers who channel the workings of a modern day Charles Dickens mixed with Paulo Coelho and so many more historical writers of our time. You guys rock. That is all. Look out for new posts, and may I not bore you to virtual death.



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