The simple things…

Ever had one of those days?
The days that seem never-ending?
The days that you wake up all happy-go-lucky
But by midday there’s a dark cloud hanging over your head?
Ever had one of those days?
I had one of those days today. I had it yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. I don’t know why this is SO consistent. But every week, since the year began, I have had one or two or three, maybe four off days. Days when I wanna scream, days when I wanna cry, days when I need a hug, days when I want no-one around me. This week has got to be the climax of it all. I could blame it on a lot but none of them add up so I’ll just vent about it here for writing seems to calm me down best.
So just to keep it light, I’ll go through a list I’ve recently compiled of things I ended up doing to balance my incessant depression bouts that I think mot of us are guilty of from time to time.
1. I get high… On SUGAR (Before anyone who knows me kills me, lol) Intense binging on chocolate, ice cream, cake and the like. Soooo goood! But now my thighs are dearly paying for the damage. Sugar is my crack, just one bite of something dripped in chocolate, soft and moist or sweet and hard gets me back to my happy place like that!
2. I spring clean. Past midnight. Random I know, but hey, it’s happened to the best of us. To get my mind off things I’ll rearrange my entire room, do laundry, dust, etc whilst some bomb dancehall riddims are blasted on my ipod to get me going. Cleaning and some Kartel, Cecile ish totally get me back to my happy place.
3. HIMYM. This show is LEGEN… wait for it, DARY! I’m an ardent follower, but normally put on a few reruns on one of those days just to crack up at Barney’s silly conquests, Robin and Ted’s endless search for their significant other and smirk every time Lily says, ‘You SonOfaBitch’ in that corky accent. This show definitely takes me back to my happy place.
4. The gym-SOMETIMES. This is a place we all love to hate but once those endorphines fill your system, you can’t help but be happy again. So yes, the gym takes me back to my happy place SOMETIMES.
5. Mis amigos. There are some people you call because you know you need to vent, you need cheering up, you need to disappear from your world for just a bit. There are some people I will always talk to during ‘one of those days’ because I know they will always know just how to take me back to my happy place. Cc Tsharz, Tevin, Ruman, Rottoh, Mash, Kendi, Joan, and Karlsten. Heart you all:-)
And just to end this list here for it can go on forever believe me.. we have SHOPPING. Retail therapy is the BEST form of therapy there is. Though I quite like aroma therapy too, but that’s besides the point. It has saved me from nervous breakdowns many a times-making me ridiculously broke at the same time though! But in the end, you know what… It took me back to my happy place.
The simplest of things can be the ones that make you immensely happy whenever you have ‘one of those days’ relish them.


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