Chip off the old block?… Never

My week had started so damn well. All positive vibes and I had promised myself and my bestfriend @nia_zurri that I would keep it that way. I’d had way too many rough weeks before and I wanted a change. But something just had to spoil that equilibrium of perfection. And that just happened to be my father.
I never talk about this man for I have no reason to. But his sudden appearance back in my life irked me so much and to feel better even if it’s just for a while, I’ll vent about him.
Since starting my road to college education years ago, okay maybe just 2yrs ago.. This man has never bothered to even check on me, his first born daughter, EVER. Not a phonecall to say hello, no email to say happy birthday, no text, and not even a visit when I was home last summer.
2 days ago, I get a call from the same man, suddenly checking up on me, suddenly caring about my well being, suddenly making a cameo( I call it that for I know it’s not lasting longer than this week). But knowing my dad, there is always something he wants. And believe it or not, 2 days later he makes his request ever so politely. I ignore it. I inform my mother on what happened. She has not spoken to him in over 3yrs. She told him to leave me the hell alone. In more politically correct terms off course.
He then, for the first time ever, emails me, telling me it was DISRESPECTFUL of me to inform my mother, who raised me and my 3 siblings SANS him about his sudden plea. And that I should be an adult and just tell it to his face.
But there is the problem. As much as I could care less for the old man, he still is my dad and I still have A shred of respect for him that prevents me from acting up.
People talk about their kids being a chip off the old block, the spitting image and likeness of their fathers. I envy so much those that are. Those that grew up with a loving, loyal, and trustworthy father. I envy the father-daughter relationships most of my friends have with their dads. I had to endure a cruel, selfish, coward of a man.
A man who cared more about his image then he did his wife of 14yrs, a man who could not understand why my youngest brother with cerebral palsy was lagging behind in class, a man who wanted so much to have perfect children that he would always insult us. Insults that still hurt till today, despite being 22. A man who betrayed his wife, not once but several times. A man who drove a family out of their own home because his dictatorship had become too much. A man who then left his family for a ‘younger woman’. Left his wife a single mother with 4 kids, left his last born sons with no father figure in their lives. Left and never looked back. That was my father. And people wonder why I don’t ever want to be married…
And now he has the nerve to even try and pretend to be there for us. No thanks dad, we survived over a decade without you, I think we can make it another decade or two.
Most people look up to their fathers, admire them, love them unconditionally… Most people with good decent men as fathers still treat them with so much disrespect and I wonder why. Most people emulate their dads and are actual chips off the old block. I’m not most people unfortunately, my father has only managed to inspire me to do one thing, and that is to NOT emulate him. My sister, brothers and I shall never know what it’s like to grow up with a father figure, but we are for sure glad that we’ll never be chips off the old block.
My father may have given me life, but he had nothing to do with the woman I have become now. The continuous insults did not break me, my brother has improved so much in school and it makes me smile to see him happy in the house he once used to fear so much. My mother is living a very blissful life and could not be happier.
The only father I know is the Father Almighty who has always been there and always will.
And with that said, my week shall continue to be awesome because that MINOR disruption will not sway me over like it used to.



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