Airport Blues…

Yes, I am writing a post about the airport.. I know I have to dish out some awesome mind boggling stories about me and THE ONE but I’m a tad frustrated now so that is postponed till next time. My apologies.
Anyway, the airport is one place that really works my nerves as it would anyone else. As much as I relish the act of flying as a mode of transport, the procedure getting into that plane is what really gets to me..
So here it is, reasons why I hate the airport so much.
1. The ridiculous amount of time it takes just to get to the airport! Back home in Nairobi, I live in an area considered to be close to the airport. It takes me 1.5hrs to get there and this is with MOVING traffic. Those of you reading this that are Kenyan know very well that traffic on Mombasa road is hardly ever moving. Now here in LA, getting to LAX is another hour WITHOUT traffic. Cali is known for its notorious freeway traffic so sometimes it could even take me 3hrs Max to get there. Because of this mind numbing commute, and the fact that one has to be at the airport 2hrs before boarding time, I have to leave my destination exactly 4hrs beforehand.
2. The human traffic. In Kenya people don’t fly as often as they do here. Smaller country thus provinces are less separated, if you want to drive across the country, you’re assured to get there on the same day. In the states, if you want to drive across the country, I suggest you rent an RV or just don’t do it at all especially now with the insane sky rocketing fuel prices(darn u Gaddafi) because you will be on the road for DAYS. Anyway, I digress.. So yes, here flying is more of a necessity than it is a luxury, it’s practically public transport. So the human traffic one goes through trying to catch a mat or city hoppa back home, I go through the same annoying thing here at the airport, sans the impatient drivers and rude kangez lol.. LAX is probably the busiest airport iv ever been to with lines always stretching out the door in ALL terminals. *symptom one of migraine begins here*
3. Three letters describe this reason. TSA. This is the association responsible for airport security in the united states. These are same people who will search the whites once but will search me or any black American/African not once but TWICE and yes, if you haven’t guessed, it is because we are black. And they do not care if you are a frequent flyer,(darn you delta airlines). This unnecessary extra inspection leads to a delay and to reason number 4..
4. Having to run to your gate. And your gate is some ridiculous number like 40. Which is located at the far end of the airport. And on the OPPOSITE side of where the aforementioned TSA finally released you from. If this was heathrow airport where you have to take a bus AND a train to get to ANY gate I’d have more to say. but alas, that is all for this reason. *symptom 2 of migraine*
5. Delayed flights. And these flights decide get delayed after you have woken up 2hrs prior to the 4hr commute, driven in traffic for the 2hrs, gone through the muppets called the TSA and practically ran a mile to get to the gate just to see the sign DELAYED on the screen.
This is what happened to me today. And yes, I am still seated, hour #5 mind you. Flight was delayed by two hours so took my time, had a bite to eat, watched a movie with my VERY sick Fifi:( {get better soon baby!} and then happily waltzed to the gate only to see yet ANOTHER 2hr delayed sign. So this flight that was meant to leave at 3:45pm. Is now departing at 8:15pm. Or so we hope…
*symptom 3 of migraine and full migraine now in progress*
New York better make me happy this spring break, that’s all I’m saying.
Have a good weekend though!:)


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