The New York Times

First things first… Happy Easter to all of you! If any if you are catholic like me and were so counting down the days to end of lent then you totally understand why this is a day of celebration! Plus also the fact that Jesus rose from the dead some 2000yrs ago, we def can’t forget that:)
I spent my easter break in the big apple, been there since last weekend and only one word can describe this city:- Fabulosity! I have always loved NYC even before I got to go there and now that I’v been, I intend on building my life there.

My main reason for being there was to attend the annual NMUN conference for ModelUN, which totally rocked! Met people from across the globe, got to congregate in the actual UN headquarters and met some really influential people. Quite an experience if you ask me. On the other hand, my secret NYC mission was to shop, tour the city and celebrate @RaisaDex’s 21st bday! Got to do that too so yes people, I did not get the much needed rest I so craved during this break but it was worth it. New York is one huge melting pot boiling with diversity. Something that the OC desperately lacks! There was not one place you’d step in and not hear at the least 2 different languages being spoken..
I’m a city girl by heart, bigup to the 254! So New York is like a shiny new toy to me, a whole new city for me to one day make mine.. I like the busyness aspect of it, the fastpaced movement EVERYWHERE. No room for slow, chilled Cali pips in New York, lol.. Being the tourist that I am, I made sure I went practically everywhere and yes, I did get lost on the subway ONCE and on the LAST day; that should tell you something…
Made it uptown on the upper east n west side to visit my aunt who mind you has the most amazing view of the city from her rooftop! *que gossipgirl’s voice* xoxo!

Made it to the Bronx and Harlem, got my hair did coz there’s nowhere else you’d find places to do African hair in NYC lol.. Insane shopping on Fordham road which has a crazy resemblance to ngara back home, and yes it is equally as cheap!! My fellow shopaholic friends take note, Fordham road is the Toi market of New York!
And off course we had to party it up coz it’s not everyday you get be ‘Young’ in the fashion capital of the world! Bigup to all my Philly pips who made it for @RaisaDex big 21st, even though birthday girl herself was MIA?! Sweetie I’m still not happy with you about that… Yes you shall make it up to me on our next trip wherever it shall be:)
All in all, it was a trip worth blogging about… I tend to travel a lot so many more future travel posts expected!




  1. But I was MIA for just 2 hours hunnie 😐 I'll make it up to you without a doubt in exactly 4 weeks though! Thank you so so much for being part!
    Love thru & thru :)♥♥♥


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