The Phoenix

The Phoenix
A most fascinating creature to gaze upon
Its flawless flight, its lustrous color,
Its head held high and its amazing valor.
She reminds me of it in so many ways;
Only difference is…
The phoenix is free but she is not.
Not out of choice but sheer lack of
She is forced to bear such pain and heartache.
I claim to love her but show it not.
Instead, my type of affection
Leaves her alone to rot.
I admired her when sober
Disrespected her when in a stupor
I was kind to her
When I needed her.
 I made her feel worthless
When she needed me.
The neglect, the abuse and the callousness;
How did I become this way?
I’m sure she often wonders
Did she cheat, lie or betray her faithfulness?
Not at all in fact, she was the opposite in all essence.
She was flawless, graceful with lustrous hair,
She was strong, caring, with her head held high;
She was everything a man would want,
But she felt like nothing to me.
She felt like
She was undergoing punishment
Being with me
She felt like
Dying would be better.
Hoping it would save her from this agony,
Hoping it would free her and let her rise again,
Rise again like the phoenix from the ashes,
Whole and New and Free
… away from me.



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