Im Published!

Yep, just like the title says.. I am published! Not in the awesome JK Rowling, Paulo Coelho type of way but its a stepping stone. I’m getting there…
I recently got a job at a local newspaper here in Nairobi as an intern. I did not know they would actually let me contribute to the actual paper! It’s really not much, just a small article on one of my favorite things, HARRY POTTER, haha… But I’m ecstatic to see it in print and circulated nation wide. This journalism thing may not be such a bad thing after all… For all who want to read it, pick up a Nairobi Star paper(last Thursdays edition) and check the feature pages. I intend to do more articles, some bigger than others, and hopefully do actual reporting if I can get over this shyness of mine…
Covered a major fashion event this past weekend so next article will be on that. Had a lot of fun, met some major people, all in all, I love this job:)
Have a great week!


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