My 1st article

This is the article that was published last week. It may not mean much to most of you but to me it means the word! I never ever thought Id make it to actual reporting in a national newspaper… Today Nairobi Star, tomorrow The New York Times! And yes, I did write about Harry Potter as its one of my favourite things!

End of Potter Mania?? Not really says Rowling… 
For many of us muggles, July 15th 2011 marks the end of an era; the end of Harry Potter. From the time the first book was written 13 years ago, the Harry Potter phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Books, movies, merchandise and the most recent Harry Potter theme park are all incredible but nothing compares to the treat avid readers shall receive come October this year. Renowned author J.K. Rowling made a very special announcement 4 days ago, revealing that Harry Potter was indeed not coming to an end anytime soon. So much to the fans delight, Pottermore is here.
Yes, Pottermore. A free, easy to use website that will provide an online reading experience that is out of this world. Rowling informed fans that this was a project she had been working on in order to thank the readers for being faithful to Harry throughout all these years and to keep doing so on this site. Pottermore will not only allow fans to experience the books in all new light through digital audio books but also, for the first time ever ; Harry Potter eBooks as well.
Rowling also added one more surprise to the news, new Harry Potter material! The curiosity that kept loyal followers buying books after books, watching movie after movie, just to find out what exactly is the secret behind the world of Harry Potter will finally be satisfied. Rowling stated in her press conference, “I will also be giving additional information that I have been hording for years about the world of Harry Potter.” Brand new material, from the author herself. For all Harry followers out there, this one is for you.  The site will be available to the world on October with registration starting on July 31st which also happens to be Harry’s birthday.  
Rowling could not have chosen a more impeccable time to deliver the news for there are just a few weeks left till the premier of the last movie in the franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. She has given us muggles hope that this indeed is not the last we are seeing or hearing of Harry Potter. Follow the owl to for more information.

That’s about it, longer ones to come in the near future:)


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