Tying that pesky knot

Back with a bang! Told you all I would be more active, just needed to recover fully. And this past weekend was just the one to help me do it. I had a birthday and a wedding to celebrate all in one weekend, craziness I tell you…
My girl @RumanKuria turned a gorgeous 22 last Friday, I love this girl so much no words can even describe… Happy belated birthday babe, you are a force to reckon with and I wish the whole world would get to know you as I have, a precious gem that I shall treasure forever. I go all out for her birthday all the time because she’s worth it… *please do not cue the L’Oreal slogan, lol*

Now to the topic at hand.. weddings. I absolutely love weddings. I especially love wedding planning, its taxing as hell but so much fun at the same time. My aunt said I do to her better half this past weekend to a man whom I know will treat her like Queen that she is. Congrats to the new couple. My sister, cousins and I were part of the bridal party and I don’t I have ever had my picture taken that many times in one hour as I did on Saturday. The day was bright and shiny as shocking as it seems to have sun in July, I call that Gods’ blessings because he knows how much my aunt and I love sunny weather, always gets us in good moods. Can you imagine a sulky bride?? better yet, can you imagine a sulky me??? Don’t answer that, haha… Very extravagant ceremony, this wedding should have been filmed by The Wedding Show crew… To all weddings shown on that ridiculous show; this is how you put a wedding together! Theme was diamante i.e a whole lot of bling going on! Theme color was silver and the reception was reminiscent of that of a State dinner at the White House, strictly black tie. Kinda looked like a winter wonderland with cascading cakes to match. All in all, it was extremely beautiful and well done, if I ever have a wedding.. (please note the word ‘IF’) I shall plan it out as meticulously as this was, the British weren’t so wrong on their punctuality affinity.. it actually works. But alas… we are still African and yes, African timers will ALWAYS be there unfortunately, lol… brings some culture to the event though:)

Getting married is always a huge venture for any man and woman, one of the most important decisions they will have to make in their lives aside from salary choices lol… Saying those two pesky words, and committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life is actually quite nerve-racking if not scary to say the least. Also referred to as tying the knot, marriages, weddings, the whole hullabaloo.. sometimes I think it isn’t worth it as such, no offense to my newly married aunt. I was recently told of a marriage that lasted 3 weeks… I think that is the 2nd shortest marriage after Britney Spears’ debacle of a marriage i.e. 55hrs! The problem with people, women in particular, is that they expect too much. Not all of us are lucky enough to get our own Prince William who will propose to us in the Mara and throw us a wedding at Westminster Abbey, you’ll be lucky enough to even get out of Nairobi leave alone the country. Everyone wants a happily ever-after fairytale wedding. Sorry to bust your bubbles ladies but most men really can’t stand the whole fairy tale aspect. With the rate of divorce nowadays most men would rather opt for the Oprah route.. A PARTNERSHIP. Sounds gay but hey, no pre-nuptials, no expensive wedding, no family feuds, just you and him and your lives ahead of you in utter bliss.. maybe. Let’s not forget this is Kenya, and there are VERY FEW GOOD MEN out there. Again aunty, congrats on getting yourself one of them. My generation has women who will get into relationships yes, BUT, they will make sure they are secure in all aspects before even thinking of church bells and tiaras. Others will stupidly rush into the arms of wealthy old men just because he said ‘What’s mine is yours’… BILAZ. Lies upon lies get young girls into huge traps they can’t get out of. Lies upon lies get respectable women into abusive relationships, lies upon lies upon lies. Just to assure that you will be by thier side in the limelight, to assure you will do their bidding, to assure you will not leave them for say a ‘good man’
I can go on and on about the pros and major cons of getting hitched but I doubt it will fit this post, all I’s is, tying that knot has become very hard nowadays, and we have but our society to blame… Chivalry really needs to rear its huge head again, and maybe most women will be blessed with the ‘good men’ I so lightly speak of, lol.. kudos to all of you with honest caring better halves, and to those enduring their partners… STOP. you shouldn’t have to endure anyone if they claim to love you.
Anyone getting married soon, I wish you all the best in your future together:)


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