7 days.

Yes people, only 7 days left of vacation… My how time has flown, I can’t even believe I’ll be leaving the motherland so soon, makes me really sad but then again I remember what I’m going back to do and that smile returns… I have 2 years of school left and if the next 2 years are anything like this one, then I know I will be done VERY VERY soon. I feel like this year has practically been chased!
Past few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun and daring events. First, I finally got to attend the infamous ‘Blankets&Wine’ event that goes on in Nairobi every last Sunday of the month and I must say, I was wrong to doubt it so much. Had an amazing time, met some amazing people and got some amazing new styles for my next dress… Women in Nairobi can really dress up for a Sunday afternoon. Second, I managed to convince my supervisor/editor to let me fully cover the aforementioned event and have a small profile on a musician who I believe will take over Kenya one day; Miss Fena Gitu. He approved and I had my first interview published as my last article in my internship. I am very proud! Fena or @Fena_menal as I know her happens to be a friend of mine and I just wanted to get her the recognition she deserves. Kudos to the work you are doing Fena, wish you all the best in your future. Thirdly, I got a a tattoo. Yes, this is not a typo. I did get inked and I still get shocked every time I look at it. I choose to dedicate a whole post on it so will not divulge more on it here. And yes, I am serious, I know VERY MANY people still have their mouths agape, lol…
My sister started a new chapter in her life last week; that of college. She left for School abroad last weekend. And as surprising as it may seem to many I actually did cry when she left. My sister and I are not as close as most sisters are meant to be but I have never imagined she’d ever have to be away from me for such a long time. My mother felt the pinch the most, my sister is the princess of the house and mother without her precious is now even colder than usual. Thank God her own sister is here to fill that void mine left. Lol, feels like I’m reading a eulogy. I wish her the best, hoping her college life will open her eyes to how surreal the world really is.
I completed my internship last week, Friday. I actually did not want to leave and neither did they want me to stop working there either! I have enjoyed my time at the Nairobi Star so much and I have learnt so much to do with the journalism world. I have gained a sense of confidence now that I never had before and I am humbled and grateful to my editor, the HR manager and the people of Nairobi for being ever willing to give this amateur a chance.
Lastly, I am really thinking of cutting my hair. Don’t ask, I just am. Think it’s some phase, which I hope will pass before I actually take action. But yeah, summer is rapidly coming to a close, and it’s been an invigorating one this year…
7 days people…


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