Summer Recap

This is going to be my first and possibly my last pictorial post. This is because as much as I’d love to write all about the amazing summer I had; A picture is worth a thousand words… I can’t beat that. Enjoy:)

The first and ONLY picture of me that will appear on this blog. This was on a roadtrip to Nakuru with the Mr, clearly I had a good time,lol

My friend Ariel who had come to visit Kenya for the first time,and my PIC @bloodaybubbles on the right… love that girl!

Part of The CBD aka Nairobbery, I love this city:)

I just saw this while walking to UON one day and I really liked it…

University way

My all time favorite ice-cream parlour. Been going there since I was 8yrs old! Best Chocolate Sprinkles Ice-cream ever.

Remember the wedding I was a part of?? This was what we had for dessert… It was too cute to eat:)

Fena doing her thing at Blankets&Wine

blankets&wine revellers

@goldfishang and her beautiful friends-blankets&wine

@MissKihoro and KTN presenter Edith Kimani looking superb

Unfortunately due to it being 2am and me being too sleepy, this is where it ends people. Let me know if you liked the change and I could consider adding pictorials from time to time. Happy end of summer folks.


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