Let your light shine

Someone told me I was gorgeous today. For a split second I stood there, on the side-walk, transfixed; thinking to myself… WOW. Now that is a word I have never been called before. On coming to, I asked her, “Why do you say so?” She answered without so much as a stutter, “Beacuse you illuminate from the inside out” and with that she left without so much as a backward glance. Still confused, I sought her out the very same day for I really wanted to know what exactly she meant by that. The girl hardly knows me, how could she just conclude that?? After much conversation with her, I finally understood. I understood that the word gorgeous could not be tied down to just one meaning… It has an even deeper meaning than the dictionary lets on. Being gorgeous means being magnificent in all aspects of your life. It could be because of your mega watt smile, or your sanguine spirit… Your altruistic nature or your fabulous figure… Your lovely locks or your amazing IQ… Your phlegmatic trait or your confident strut, your hearty appetite or your vegan passion; your artistic sense or lack thereof lol… Your articulate writing or your crazy stunts; it could be this or it could be that… It could be any characteristic in the world but it all sums up to one thing- YOU. Whatever you are, however you look, whatever you do… It illuminates from within and thus lights up the lives of those around you. Marianne Williamson once said, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same” One of my favorite quotes to live by and I hope you do too. I learned all this from a girl who took one look at me and saw much more than most people do… I must be doing something right somewhere lol… Anyway, moral of the story is keep being the best you can be, to yourself and to others around you, and that same light will shine within you making you the gorgeous person you know you are. Have an illuminated week.


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