That time of the month

…and no, this isn’t a post about menstruation, PMSn or hormones- just to make things clear. October is now upon us and it’s that time of the month when we celebrate that ridiculous holiday ‘Halloween’ and for the more serious people, this is when tend to shed light and raise awareness for this miserable disease known as breast cancer. I choose to focus on the latter. As bad as cancer is, I think it’s God’s way of taking us to him with as little brutality as possible. Sad thing about it is it’s never noticed till God says its time for you to go. We all have a form of cancer within us, we may never notice it or find it (if checked) until God decides to let it show. You all may be wondering why I’m blaming God for this, but its only because I believe bad things do not happen to good people. Yet somehow, it’s always the good people who get taken first by the deadly disease. Because of my belief in that, I know it’s God who decides who gets cancer and lives oblivious of it and who gets cancer and suffers from it at a long term and God finally relieves them by taking them away. A few weeks ago one very amazing, inspiring, extraordinary woman was taken from us by God in the form of cancer. Professor Wangari Maathai; a most prominent and influential leader in Kenya. This woman had the strength of an army in her single body; her love for the environment gave her a voice that made powerful men shiver. Her beliefs, her strengths, her determination, and her fear of failure are just but some of the things that made her such a great leader in her own right. Oh and did I mention that she was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace prize?? Coz she did that too:) Now with all this under her belt one would think she’d at least retire and enjoy the fruits of her labor… Not a chance. Wangari Maathai worked hard till the day she couldn’t anymore. She had a good long life and had been fighting Ovarian cancer all through but God knew it was her time when he took her. Her passing brought back so many sad memories of my grandmother who died of the same thing. These two were great women who accomplished a lot more than most women do in their lifetime and thus as much as their deaths sadden me all the time, they also motivate me. Motivate me to actually live my life and hep make the world a better place. Cancer is a terrible disease but also a constant reminder that we do not have forever to live. It’s true what they say, you never know what you have till its gone. Which brings me to the point of this post, Breast Cancer. I personally don’t know anyone who has it but I know it affects millions of women worldwide. It may not be curable yet but it is definitely preventable. Ladies don’t fear getting checked, ESP during this month… Everyone’s doing it, join the trend! Lol.. Take your mothers, grandmas, sisters, cousins, girlfriends, even your significant other-apparently men are at risk too, not too sure how true this is though. For those who have been affected, don’t put your life on hold, in fact live it like you’ve never lived before, don’t let this disease hold you back from anything. My grandmother and Professor Maathai both lived to see their dreams come true and have a couple of grandchildren on the way too,lol… I know you can too. We as women are here to support you, you are not alone. Okay okay… So I know I really need to stop with the pep talk like posts, hahaha… I’ve done too many of them. I’ll be back to my normal satirical self next time. Cancer hits a major soft spot with me that’s why and just like every other woman out there this month I wanna raise awareness for the prevention of breast cancer. We don’t have to lose any more people to this disease. God may be the deciding factor in all this cancer business but at least you know you have the opportunity to stall him a bit:-) P.S(Happy halloween to whoever considers this an actual holiday, lol)


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