Pictorial #2

So sorry for my absence… college tries all it can to kill me but never succeeds, I still come out alive… BARELY. Anyway, due to the ltd time I have on this computer I decided to make this post my 2nd attempt at pictorials. I just gathered a few pics of my own plus quotes and images here and there that inspire me… Take a minute and enjoy:-)

This is so true, lol… for so many of us!

I found this on http://www.stumbleupon.com it’s really cool:)

I got this courtesy of @TheBabyNat’s tumblr, reppin the 254 always!

I LOVE OREOS. The end.

I have a ‘slight’ shoe obsession as well… operative word being the punctuation marks lol

Music is the fire that ignites my soul…

I love this girl, Alot. How we became friends is still a mystery to both of us but I know when I need reassuring, that everything is going to be okay, I know I can turn to her. Plus she is really adorable(“,)

My uncle and cousin.This baby wasn’t even a year old when this picture was taken, but he was conversing with her in a way that was so precious. He watched her ‘talk’ and listened and laughed with her; perfect father-daughter moment right there. I want my future husband to be that kind of father to our child. A father who puts his child first before anything or anyone else.

Have a good end of October guys, 3 weeks to thanksgiving break, yay!:)


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