Become the one you love

I first want to apologize for my last post… I was clearly on an emotional bender and I took it all out on the world wide web.. so not cool, plus nothing changed after venting like that, lol.. Utter waste of time but let me just warn you there will be days that I will feel like crap and still wanna write about it so just bare with me…
But today, is not one of those days luckily. I have been fighting an inner battle with myself for the past few weeks and suffice it to say.. I am still not the victor… That silly pesky inner voice is putting up a really good fight. The last time this happened was in High school and it resulted in a bad case of depression… I still shudder just at the very thought of that period in my life.

Okay, enough of all that sad talk, I’m happy today partly because I made it to work on time for once, and on a whole Friday! #hustlinghard! And also because today I mark 16months of a love I never thought I would ever be blessed with, I am grateful and blessed:-) I just wanted to share a particular list I came across on I am seriously addicted to this site, lol But here goes;

60 Ways To Become The Person You Love
60. Eliminate Shoulds.(Not really sure what they meant by that but yeah…)
59. Enjoy down time.
58. Run towards your fears.
57. Be dependable.
56. Embrace self-responsibility
55. Be completely honest.
54. First meet your own needs. (Lord knows I need to start doing this!)
53. Notice the beauty around you.
52. Open your mind to change. (also guilty of not doing this… Im so failing on this list,lol)
50. Set attainable goals.
49. Go at your own pace.
48. Honor your individuality.
47. Open yourself to unlimited possibilities.
46. See the humor in things.
45. Celebrate your imperfections. (Im still trying very hard to do this, but being around white skinny people all the time, its KINDA hard…)
44. Reward yourself. (Code for yes D.od, you can get yourself those knee high boots you’ve been oogling.. ON IT!:)
43. Be flexible.
42. Be gentle with yourself.
41. Be open to being wrong.
40. Laugh for no reason. (Guilty as charged)
39. Light candles.
38. Enjoy nature.
37. Get a massage. ( any takers?? Tuks?? lol)
36. Congratulate yourself.
35. Know yourself. ( A never-ending journey for most of us)
34. Appreciate where you are today.
33. Give yourself space.
32. Breathe mindfully.
31. Communicate your emotions.
30. Learn to relax.
29. Meditate.
28. Say no more often. ( YES! to this point… not trying to counteract it)
27. Experience new things.
26. Take mini breaks throughout the day.
25. Create personal affirmation cards, use daily.
24. Hang out with positively happy people. ( Practically everyone I know, I love my friends:)
23. Schedule fun times for yourself. (4 days to funtimes in the ATL!)
22. Make your car a sanctuary. (If I had a car Id have already done this, sigh…)
21. Dress for success. (so hard to do in a southern California college campus, but will make an effort)
20. Be impeccably groomed. (Hair done, nails done.. oh you fancy huh:)
19. Balance your energy.
18. Recharge your batteries.
17. Refuse to argue. (It feels so much better being the bigger man about it)
16. Balance your diet. (Ahem… *stares awkwardly into space*)
15. Sleep sound.
14. Persevere.
13. Feel and express gratitude.
12. Give up self put-downs.
11. Develop your intuition.
10. Learn to hold your own hand. (been doing that all my life, trust yourself first)
9. Accept your physical appearance. (this is fail # what now?? I lost count)
8. Keep your cool.
7. Vent in a positive way.
6. Speak kindly of yourself.
5. Be brave.
4. Learn to calm yourself.
3. Listen to music. (Can’t live without it)
2. Make the most of every opportunity.
1. Start fresh each day.

So some things on this list we do constantly, some we refrain from doing for fear of being judged, or from fear coming from within.. you cannot love yourself if you fear yourself. Be open to new things, take a journey within yourself and learn what it is keeping you from being the person you love most, which is you. I know I have a lot to learn, quite clearly. Will let you know how this journey goes for me, hoping it makes me a better person and more appreciative of myself.
Have a great weekend and Thanksgiving break next week.


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