Life in the A!

Travel post people!:) I’m hoping everyone had a good break this past thanksgiving. I know I did. Seeing as Chapman and orange county are the most boring places on earth, I normally plan my holiday breaks ahead of time because I wanna make sure I’m out of town, visiting new places with my friends. I got to visit the ATL this thanksgiving break and I loved it! Had planned on it being a whole bunch of us, me and Fifi, my cousins and all my other +254 peeps but it didn’t turn out that way… Still love you guys though, we’ll do it big come Vegas 2012:)

ATL is an amazing city, felt right at home ESP considering the fact that I was surrounded with people of color and no more white snobs…. Not being at all biased but being an African woman in orange county… It does things to your mind lol. We were staying at Fiona’s aunts house (Fifi, if I haven’t mentioned by now, is my baby girl from TZ and my awesome roommate.. Very good friend of mine:)) I was in an almost all-black state staying in an east African household, what more could I ask for? And another plus… It was warmer there than it is in Cali now; how weird is that??

Got there on thanksgiving day itself, trust us to avoid the cooking and just arrive in time for dinner lol…African timers indeed. Great feast prepared by Fi’s cousins; we had the whole traditional turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce thing going on with an added east African touch of chapatis, mandaziz etc… Too much. All the weight I’ve been trying to lose has doubled I’m sure in the past week lol.

Off-course being new to the town, we had to do all the tourist stuff. Atlanta as I’m sure most of you know, is home to the civil rights movement. Activists such as Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, MLK, Sidney Potier etc all have relations to Georgia. Visited the hometown of Martin Luther King Jnr, a very uplifting experience if you ask me. To be able to walk the paths he walked, visit his grave where next to him lies his late wife, Coretta Scott King, to see all the memorabilia preserved… For instance, before he died, he sent a bouquet of carnations to his wife as he always did, only this time, they were artificial flowers. Coretta asked him why he hadn’t sent fresh flowers and he answered saying he wanted her to have something she can hold on to forever; Flowers that could last years. MLK was assassinated later that same day. It’s as if he knew what would befall him… Those same carnations are encased in the same room as the mule wagon that was used to transport his body during the funeral procession. I’m not very educated on the civil rights movement seeing as I wasn’t born in America but the little that I do know really stuns me… The mistreatment that the African-American race had to go through is heart wrenching. The sad part is that it still goes on today, the racial crimes, the segregation, the ignorance… All over the world, not just here in the US, racism is a social injustice that really in this day and age should be over and done with.

Anyway, that was just my two cents on that! Next we have the CNN HQ… Never got time to do the tour and actually enter the newsrooms but I still got a glimpse of everything and picked up some cool souvenirs.. So I like postcards, coffee mugs and t-shirts- sue me. I really wanted to go to the Coca Cola HQ, yes… And get a coke mug too lol but alas time was not on our side. We went shopping instead:) I have gotten a rather weird obsession with body lotions… Specifically anything from the bodyshop. Don’t worry people, my shoe and sugar addiction is still intact! But yeah, I now have a good collection from them, darn them and their winter sales!
Clubbing in the A… Another story for the papers lol.. We had one hell of a night, from getting VIP access to the worst club I have ever seen to finally dancing the night away to the take-over djz at a very nice club called ‘The Mansion’.. Kudos capital fm! 254 pips always representing on the party scene, lol the dress code of some people there though… Aish! Kuchapa nayo?? Lol some things people just shouldn’t wear anymore… None of us wants to see your ENTIRE ASS just coz the ‘bandage’ skirt u got didn’t fit you as well… Leave those to the Junguz, it bandages them very well, lol. Literally this girl had on a beautiful boyfriend blazer, nice top, but that skirt just wouldn’t cover her behind… Kataa hiyo madam.. Very unnecessary embarrassment. @RaisaDex I’m sure you would have had something to say about this lol
It was a fun night all in all, got pulled over by the cops at some point… Yeah, don’t ask. The less you know the better,lol. Just know we got away with Just a warning, cop was cute too:) The rest of the break was spent catching up on sleep, getting our hair done… Finally have fresh braids on my head and it feels so good! Hoping they last the 5months I have left of the school year… Yes, I said five months, it is possible, lol

Atlanta is fun, beautiful and very chill… Not a die hard hard fan as I am of NYC but it definitely makes my list of top 10 best cities in America so far. Now I’m back in boring orange with 2.5 weeks left before school is out for winter break.. All I see now is the sleepless nights, the numerous papers n projects I have to complete, the endless cups of hot cocoa and incessant complaining about the stress & the cold, lol… Aaahhh… Life of a college student I tell you.



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