Welcome 2012

Happy New Year!!
It’s that time of the year again when everyone decides to start their lives afresh with long ass lists of resolutions and diet plans, when all and I mean ALL our wallets are crying for help… If you happen to be the ONE person out of 7 billion people who is still financially stable in January, props to you.
Hope the New year is treating all of you well. As for me, the new year begun well, class starts tomorrow already… Back to the grind so soon, sigh!
I have a lot of hope for this year. A lot of changes expected to happen in my life, hoping I go through with all the things I want to do… Coz most times I normally don’t.
A few of the things I really want to accomplish this year;
1.Lose 10 pounds.. YES IT WILL HAPPEN. I start my workout routine tomorrow 6am:)
2. Ace my graphic design class.. YES IT WILL HAPPEN. 6hr class starts tomorrow:(
4. Eat properly. Finished the last Oreo cookie 10minutes ago:)
5. Be more open to people. aka NETWORK. Really need to up my list of friends from 5 to more than 5 here in Orange County, lol.. IT MIGHT HAPPEN.
6. Maintain positive thoughts ALWAYS. I realized the main reason for all my upsets last year was due to my pessimism and believe me people, being that miserable… it’s not worth it at all. I don’t care what is thrown at me this year, I will strive to be positive about everything.
7. Get in touch with my spiritual life, I have forsaken God for so long and I need him back in my life.
8. Be a better friend, better girlfriend, better sister, better daughter to all the people that I love. YES IT WILL HAPPEN.

That is just part of the list, a lot more is scribbled in my journal but these are the main things on my mind right now… plus hopefully travel to London at some point… IT COULD HAPPEN, lol..
Have a great first week of 2012.


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