Happy Birthday!!

This post is day late, but better late than never:-)
Yesterday, Jan 21st, marks a whole year that this blog has been in existence. Happy Birthday wrytersden!! Seems like it was just yesterday, I was sitting bored in my room, down and out, alone and just very upset with the world. I always write when I’m upset, helps me express myself better. That day, this time, I decided, why not put my writings into a virtual context… start a blog perhaps?? I must admit I was afraid, for I would be sharing a lot of personal information with the world, I feared being judged, feared being rejected, feared failing at this. My writing is my art and being an artist, in the wise words of Erykah Badu… ‘I’m sensitive about my shit’
But even with all those fears clouding my mind, I still went ahead and did it. I decided to keep a positive mind and hope for the best, hope that I could use this blog to not only relate my personal stories, but to reach out to others as well. As my profile says… “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” I hope I have inspired someone out there, I hope I have not made this blog become less than what all of you expected it to be. I have gathered a bunch of followers since we first started and the number of views keep increasing with each passing day. I appreciate you all who take time to read the ramblings of a simple, but yet complicated college student. Yes, I am complicated at times, lol..
So, that being said, 1yr down, so many more to go! Love you guys, keep reading and I’ll keep posting!


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