Pictorial #3

So it is time for yes people…. ANOTHER PICTORIAL. Don’t act like you didn’t want one, coz you know you did. Okay.. I’m just making myself happy by saying but whatever. I’m still posting it:)
I’m not sure what to focus this pictorial on; think I’ll just mix and match, see where it gets me.


Me:Hi my name is D.od and I am a social network addict.
Audience:Hi D.od


NBI:) Home is where the heart is. Got this off of Mutua Matheka’s blog; amazing photographer that one.

My babygirl looking absolutely Fabulous!


Thai lantern festival, one thing I’d love to experience.


My PIC for life!! @bloodaybubbles love you so much:)

I had to, I’m sorry. Harry Potter will never be over for me:)

Really been in need of such a hug in the past few weeks…

I’ll end it here, with this beautiful back shot of #Fifi and I in Vegas. There’s something about this picture… Thanks @Dreamsmurf for this ‘accidental’ shot!

#ION 1 more day of lent!!! cc @waiyaiya, lol



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