“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass,
it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

Let me just summarize the past few weeks to explain my random absence. Projects, Shopping, Work, Projects, Papers, Projects. See how projects come up more than anything else?? Yeah.. PROJECTS. Hours upon hours upon hours, of manual labor spent in a lab, plus work, plus all the other classes I STILL have to attend and TRY and do well in… and the occasional rampant shopping trips we have been taking of late.. #Fifi WE NEED TO STOP. Sadly, we have one more trip to the fashion district this coming weekend, lol… LAST ONE I PROMISE! I blame fatigue for my brokeness, fatigue from the monotony of school is making me crave the outside world, the beach, the malls… aahhh.. the goodlife:) It won’t last long though coz it is now that dreaded time in any college students life… CRUNCH TIME.

I have less than a month to complete 4 final projects, 1 term paper, study and ace ALL my finals register for senior year and secure an internship at the same time. It is that time of the year when there never seems to be enough hours in a day, and the nights seem to NEVER END. That time of the year when sleep becomes a necessity rather than a luxury, heck Im lucky if I get even 5 hrs in… *working off of 3hrs of sleep right now* I now take naps as opposed to a good nights sleep. lack of sleep=stress=indulging=weight gain. And we can’t have that now can we? lol.. cc @seipan #inpursuitofskinniness:) So working on my schedule to allow me atleast 4hrs, if not 6 of sleep everyday to avoid killing anyone.

Anyway, aside form my boring RIDICULOUS school life? How are all of you faring on? hope much better than me. Decided to post something up before even the blogger people decide Im slacking too much and take my site down, lol.. The Mr had his birthday last week on 4/20.. yep kudos to him right? lol, suffice it to say, he cannot remember half of what happened on that day. Happy belated love:)

It has come to my attention that I have become quite the narcissistic/negative person and apparently I wasn’t like that before?? I have no idea where this came from all of a sudden but it bugs me. It bugs me a lot. But I will not dwell on that anymore here. One question though… friends are meant to see through your flaws yes? accept you for who u are and all that ish?? Please note I have deleted the sentence that was to be here 7 times. I can’t write anymore.

And because my emotions are taking over me today, I am going to stop before I say anything else. Heading out tonight, I have never gone out on sunday(school night) ever. This shows you how stressed I am lol… I just need a pick-me up and some good dancehall vibes are just the thing for that. Enjoy ur sunday dears, this may be my last post in a while, coz you know.. school and stuff, but then again maybe not.. may be inspired mid-crunchtime and bust out an entire essay-like post. Operative word being MAYBE.



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