It’s that time of the year again… Home time!! lol, who remembers singing that in primary school? At exactly 3:40p.m everyday, the bell would ring and voila… Hometime!:)

Summer is finally upon us, finals over, graduation(not mine) over, school SO OVER. For three long months I am going back to the motherland, going to back to mi madre’s casa, re-uniting with my love, re-uniting with my friends, re-uniting with home. It has been way too long!! Currently in Dubai, in transit… longest transit ever-read 15hrs. Thank God I traveled with Fifi, being here alone would so suck. Dubai is way too hot!!! Love it though, amazing city, amazing food, trying to see how I can stay here longer, lol.. but I know that isn’t possible.

Anyway, once I am on stable ground for more than 72hrs then I will be able to blog more frequently, I know I have been slacking a whole lot. Good news though; I’m thinking of collaborating with a friend of mine on a collection of short stories. We may get them published, or not.. depending on the kind of welcome they receive online via both our blogs so watch this space dearies! This summer looks like it will be one for the books… literally lol

Wifi acting up, need to stop here…


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