A tale of Two Cities… Or maybe Three

Think I’ll just stick to two for now… But I digress.
Ola!! Its been more than a minute hasn’t it? Once again… No apologies, no reasons, no excuses… Just me being my lazy uninspired self of late. So summer ended; I’m sure ur all aware of that by now. Senior year began… *gasp*… And I am 5pounds fatter than you left me. Yes, I did kind of over do the whole summer at home-don’t care what I’m doing/eating thing a bit much lol

I know I promised a pictorial for this next post, don’t worry… It’s still scheduled for this post, I just wanted to introduce it better this time instead of the usual- #pictorial-blah. As I also account to you what has been going on in this oh so interesting life of mine-not. But on a serious note, been super super busy and put blogging on the back burner for a while. Thought I’d get time just before coming back to school Lakini wapi! And once school started that was it for this poor blog until now… And the only reason I have time now is because I am on a flight back to LA from Puerto Rico!! Yes folks, this is not a joke. I literally flew back into the country a week ago and a week later I was on the next flight out. Senioritis kicked in EXTRA early this year lol but more on this later.

I had a tale of two cities remember?:) well to begin with, the two cities are off course my hometown Nairobi & the beautiful city of San Juan. Last I checked I wrote about my internship yes? Well, that ended on a good note, was very glad to not have to wake up at 7am and sit in traffic for an hour and trek in the dusty suburbs of hurlingham for another 20min for yet another day. Would you believe my last week home was equally as busy as it would hav been had I been working, sigh. Kenya agitates me but excites me all at the same time. I have come to appreciate a lot of the little things about home that I never bothered to before. Like the fact that I don’t need to wait two weeks to do laundry, and also that I don’t need to pay ridiculous amounts of money for phone Internet. Also, the simple fact that I can travel almost anywhere within the country and be back on the same exact day! I bring this up because I want to talk about a short road trip I took with the Mr and his family.

Sunny Sunday morning, 5:30a.m… That is the time I walked into his house after a night out with my friends celebrating @seipan’s graduation. 9a.m I am woken up with the question,” do you wanna go to Sagana with us today?” and him knowing my next question answered all of them at once: Send off party for cousin’s boyfriend, 3hr drive, will be back before mum starts looking for u. And yes, there will be food. Lol, dyu see why I love this man so much?? He knows me too well! I think about it, consider all possible consequences if my mother were to find out and then it hits me, I’m going to be gone in less than 3days, I won’t see him again in about two years… I’ve NEVER been to Sagana. Screw it, YOLO right? And by 11:30a.m we were on the road:-) For all of you who have never been to my hometown, you definitely need to put it on ur bucket list of places to visit. Kenya is B-E-A-U-tiful. I have decided to be doing road trips more often once I’m back home permanently.  Anyway won’t go into much more details of that day, just know that when I got back… Not in good time btw!! My mother had nothing but ‘sweet’ words for me that were enough to make a grown man cry. Oh well, with 3days left to my departure from that house, I didn’t really even have two cents to care about what she was goin on and on about.  So last days were spent saying last goodbyes to my friends, kudos to @noellasophie, @wild_succulent, @thuggz213, @IamSteffy, @Beaulings, Dee and Popsy for making time for me, really appreciate that despite the short notice.
Okay so fast forward to Cali 3days later. I get here, it is of course, BLOODY hot, and people wonder why I never wanna spend my summers here, tsk tsk… Class starts 9am the next day. My schedule this sem is KILLER. There will be very many posts talking about it because that is the only way to prevent myself from going crazy with the workload so bare with me. Lets just glimpse at a typical Monday in this my senior year:
3hr class 9-11am
3hr class 1-4p.m
3hr class 4-7pm
3hr class 7-10pm
I won’t even go on from there. That’s ONLY how Monday looks.

And now onto our 2nd city, San Juan in the wonderful island of Puerto Rico. This trip was originally the idea of a certain friend of mine for her birthday. Of course @fionamushi (btw my Fifi has a twitter now! Follow her!) yes, she and I were all in, u know, #YOLO and all that spontaneous ish getting to people nowadays. We hunted for super cheap deals all summer and found a great package, booked and set! Now bday girl in question backed out… For reasons best known to just us. So now we have two non-refundable tickets to puerto Rico with no bday girl to accompany, sigh.. Still love you girl. NYHU, since we obviously can’t cancel Fi and I had to go, not that either of us was complaining lol.. Puerto Rico is AMAZING! I’m actually glad those tickets were non-refundable cz if they were I probably would have never even bothered to visit that island ever in my life.

Spent the past weekend lazing by the beach, swimming in the ocean, eating amazing food(yes the detox will start this week babe, I promise) and partying with many Adonises?(sp) lol of men… Mmmmm:-) Puertoricans are such beautiful people! The city is vibrant, filled with culture color and energy… It reminded me a lot of home. Because despite them not being as developed as their counterparts in the states, they seem to be much much happier and nicer if I may add. Hence that is why I wanted to talk about both home and San Juan, they have so many similarities and differences but still resonate to me the same way- they are both simple. Even with it being a Spanish speaking city, we had no problems at all getting anywhere or getting stuff to do. Nwy, I’ll stop rambling here.

I have been on a total of 3planes in less than 24hrs today, so exhausting! Why is california so far away from everything?! A little over two hours left and we land in LaLa land and I can crash into bed because tomorrow is what day again?? Non other than Monday… Yes, that same Monday schedule I mentioned above still stands, I cant skip any classes since they all happen to be in 3hr blocks, darn it.
Pictorial post is right after this one because I didn’t want to bombard you with all that content at once.

P.S: I have really missed writing, like creative writing, not just the blogging thing. I hope to start on that again this year.
P.S2: The first of my friends just got married… When ur friends start gettin hitched you know ur getting old…
P.S3: One of @fionamushi’s friends just got engaged; this girl is 20yrs old. I think Miley Cyrus started a trend.
P.S4: I just felt like adding another post script for the hell of it,lol.. Also Vampire diaries needs to start airing already! #Tvshowwithdrawals.


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