Probably for Lovers… Probably for You

Yes I just titled my new post after @justaband’s new single… that’s coz it simply rocks! I wasn’t into it at the beginning, but the more I listened to it, the more I started appreciating it and now I LOVE IT. Just a band are a super cool Kenyan electronic/pop/afro-fusion band, look em up have a listen and enjoy:)

Less than a week and I’m already blogging??? There must be a problem right? Wrong, it’s just called being on-top of your ish, FINALLY. lol, when my day ended today, I seriously knew I had something else to come home to work on but alas… not a damn thing! Not until the weekend atleast, lemme enjoy these few hrs of rest before the grind is back on my ass again.

I just have a few questions for all of you out there today, nothing insightful to share, nothing heavy to rant on, nothing serious to discuss… It’s your turn to be heard this time. Also I really just want to get to know my readers more so I know more of what content I should focus on when I write.

1. Do you enjoy this blog? If so please explain why and if not please explain why as well(I wont judge, don’t worry)
2. What do you want to see/read more of on here?
3. Are any of you out there in the same boat as me… senior yr, with no idea what’s going to happen after graduation? So many freaking decisions to make, how do you go about it?? Is grad school really necessary? If not, then what should plan B be?.. okay those are so many questions lol but just engage me for a bit here.

Okay that last one was just for me, because I really am in that predicament and it is super frustrating. Anyway, there you go, short and straight to the point. you can add any other question you may want to ask me and I shall do my best to answer them. If you don’t want to be identified on the blog you can easily post anonymously or simply email me. Reason I am asking you guys for your thoughts and opinions is because I plan on revamping this blog and would like to include you all in the process.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s bedtime:) and way before 3 am FOR ONCE! I shall relish this sleep tonight, who knows when I’ll get a whole 7hrs of sleep yet again. Keep me posted folks, and have a good rest of the week


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