6 finals + 2 flights later = The end of 2012

…I am in THE best city in the world! Yes people, I am in New York:) Okay the 2nd best.. Nairobi will always be my number one love!!
I don’t even know where to start from coz yet again my life has been an entire whirlwind. Finals came and went.. most stressful 2 months of my entire year leave alone school year. Didn’t ever think that torture would end but it eventually did and I still didn’t get to sleep until my 3rd day here in New York,lol.. Lack of sleep for over 3 weeks is not a good thing people! You forget how good sleep can feel!
I won’t divulge much here to keep this post short but will highlight some parts of my year that have made 2012 the year it has been. I have been reflecting a lot since I started my break. I called this break my hibernation period as it is the time I get to be with just me for a while.. away from school stress, away from annoying Chapman people, and just be with me, myself and I…. and NYC lol.. So yes, I haven’t had as much alone time as I would have hoped for but I do not regret it in anyway coz I have had a blast here. There is a reason why New York is referred to as the city that never sleeps lol… because it LITERALLY doesn’t. I wake up in the morning, leave the house with an agenda, end up doing other things and meeting people along the way and getting back home at 6am the next day. This has happened almost everyday since I have been here. NYC is trying to kill me slowly with all this funtimes!
Anyway, lets rewind a bit and recap the year shall we? 2012… you have been quite the year for me haven’t you? Marking the start of my senior in college this year has been by far my greatest achievement as you all know I had wanted to drop out 2yrs ago, but I stuck through it and look at me now?? Just 4 months away from the real world, who would have thought??? I’m going to talk about the pros and cons that were in 2012 in my life, and they are only 2 major ones that I can think but all revolve around one thing – Friendship.

2012 has brought a lot of heartbreak and a lot of joy in regards to friends. What I loved the most about this year is the number of people I have gotten to meet and network and build relationships with this year. I am not usually a social butterfly, it is very hard for me to make friends or approach anyone for that matter, but if this year has proven anything, its that I have slowly learned to be more open minded when it comes to meeting people. I have met some phenomenal people and very glad to call them my friends now… s/o to all the new folk I have had the pleasure of meeting this year, you are all amazing and look forward to many more years of friendship ahead.
What I hated the most about this year, is the number of fall-outs I have had with supposed friends this year:-( They say you live and you learn right? I have learnt to put much less trust in people because not only will they always disappoint you, but they will take advantage of you in the end. I am genuinely a nice person. The word bitch and me are not associated at all. So when someone decides to make it their life mission to make you become one, you just take a step back, be the bigger woman, and let it go, let that person go. Such negativity is what I refuse to have around me. Supposed friends have been judging me a lot more this year than they ever did before and somehow this made them think I have changed for the worse? I tend to think otherwise, I actually believe I have changed for the better this year. I embraced positivity as my mantra this year and it worked for me. I was happier, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It pains me everyday knowing that these people and I may never get back the once wonderful friendship we had, but it’s for the best. Im better off with friends who not only love me but respect me as well. You cannot have one without the other.

2012 was clearly the year of the grind for me… I have never worked so hard in my entire life as I have this year. For the betterment of my grades and that of my health as well. And both have yielded such great results! I may have to work on the health part a bit more when I get back to Cali because the holiday season just put me off of the gym and got me on eating more than usual lol. I have 4 more months of somewhat intense grind as well and God-willing I graduate!! Very very excited for the end of college, the end is so near but yet so far. I am ready to start a whole new chapter in my life and ready to get the hell out of Orange County! All I want for 2013 is God’s guidance in everything that I do, his continuous blessings on my family, friends and myself and would love for him to open new doors for me to venture into. I want to be with my better half as soon as I can too, so summertime better come knocking soon! This man makes my world, do not know where I would have been without him, much love babe!

2012 sadly has also been a year of many tragedies. From the Aurora shootings, to the clashes in Turkana, to Hurricane Sandy, to the New Town children Massacre and just recently, the inhumane gang-rape and assault of a young girl in India. I could not sleep last night because I kept thinking of this one girl from India. This girl was gang-raped on a bus she entered after a nice movie date with her boyfriend. This girl was only 23 yrs old. I am only 23 yrs old. And so are very many girls out there, not only in India. This girl succumbed to her injuries and died this past Saturday. She was to be married in a few weeks. She had her whole life ahead of her and for no reason at all, these 6 men took it upon them to defile her multiple times and tear her insides out with an iron rod. Why? Why would someone do that to another human being? For what reason should such heinous crimes still happen in this world? A few weeks ago 20+ young kids were killed in a shoot out in Connecticut. 20 innocent souls, taken. In Congo, so much evil is still going on to this day but no light is shed on that due to fear. My heart cries for the women and children in this day and age. The torture we are subjected to is very very unnecessary but somehow still occurs and nothing is done about it. I can sit here and talk about rape all day because it is something I feel very strongly about but what good will it do when currently the statistics of women being raped every 2min in my own country is soaring higher and higher. I want to be able to help them, I want to be able to make it stop. But alas, how is the question? It has been bothering me a lot these past few days so I will keep praying and hope I do find some kind of solution or some way to help these women heal if rape cannot be prevented. No one should be subjected to that kind of abuse ever in life.

Okay, need to get out of this dark cloud now… it is New Years eve for crying out loud and I am in NYC!! Funtimes ahead with my people:) Wishing all of you a splendid holiday and a happy new year!
p.s( I clearly fail at writing short posts, lol)


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