Next Chapter II

In continuation from the last post…
I need to have a serious reminder to remind me to do these posts WEEKLY and not take such long intervals. That aside, my holiday is over. Can you believe it? Been home for two weeks ONLY!! This has to be some kind of world record lol… Feel like I have been cheated out of my summer but then again summer in New York seems like a really sweet deal don’t you think?
So I had a graduation party this past weekend that just reminded me of the obvious… I have graduated. I am literally no longer a student. I don’t know why it hasn’t hit me yet but I think it will when August comes around and I don’t need to figure out housing issues, when I don’t need to fly all the way to Cali, when I don’t have to go back to Chapman ever again. Yeah… I think it will hit me then. Im packing now, getting hair done, doing last bit of shopping, all that good stuff before I have to board yet another 20hour flight to the East Coast now:) No longer a Cali girl my dears, but taking on the concrete jungle a la New York this time. Quite ambitious if you ask me but I am very excited about it and ready for the challenge. I know it will definitely not be easy, not at all. New york is a huge tough city, kind of like Nairobi minus the reckless matatu drivers lol. But I am a city girl born and raised and with the multiple periods I have spent in that city, I know that is exactly where I want to be now as I venture into post-grad life. Adventure is my middle name and this is going to be one hell of an adventure I can assure you.
Being home has been such a breathe of fresh air, literally! Being able to speak in my own language again, being able to eat ‘organic’ aka normal food again, being able to see my best friends and mess with my brothers, hang with family and basically just have a good time in the city in the sun… It has been a well deserved break. I have been busy all through though with job searching and planning the aforementioned party plus try and see everyone I can within two weeks, but this is me; I cannot sit idly around even if you paid me haha… Im a busy bee by nature and hoping all this energy will be put to good use back in NY. What I have loved most about being home again is seeing everyone making huge strides in
their lives. All my peers, people I grew up with, went to school with, went to church with.. I have friends getting married, others having children, more getting the jobs they have been working so hard for, others being super entrepreneurs and more pursuing higher education and basically all of them working towards a better Kenya because in the end that is all we want for us and those who will come after us.
I want to particularly shed light on an initiative my cousin is working on called G.I.R.L. which stands for The Girl Initiative to Redefine Leadership. It is an NGO she is starting up based on helping less fortunate girls with bright ideas pursue those ideas and earn themselves scholarships for high school if they are of the younger age bracket or gain immediate entry into the Zawadi Africa Education Programme if they are high school graduates. This initiative allows young girls to brainstorm ideas, solutions to issues plaguing their various communities and the initiative funds the projects the girls come up with, giving them a sense of leadership and empowerment which will undoubtedly spread to others hence empowering more girls at a time. All the while educating them as well. I think this is such a brilliant idea and very proud of my cousin for coming up with it. Wishing you all the luck with it Michelle and you know Im here to help in all aspects of the program!
With the short time I have spent here I have also come to appreciate my friends even more. i have surprisingly made some new friends in the time frame lol, s/o to Mbugua and Angela! ya’ll are cool peeps who I know I shall remain connected to for a long long time. I have reconnected with some old friends and its amazing to see how much people change and also how much they do NOT change if you know what I mean, lol.. I have repeatedly stated that my friends are my family and I felt the love so much and could not ask for a better group of people to call friends. For those of you that I have spent practically everyday with while I have been here, thank you for taking the time, I know it hasn’t been easy given everyone’s schedule but I appreciate the effort you all made. For those who I have not seen at all but we have still communicated, thank you for that as well because even just hearing your voices makes all the difference. Once I move back home for good we won’t have to squeeze in time anymore and it won’t be long now so Im not saying goodbye for now. Just a simple see you later will suffice, because I will be back and will definitely stay in touch!

Next post will def be a pictorial… NY life needs to be documented extensively!!



  1. To greatness Michaela…. You are destined for it… Your pain, your growth your future. GODS GOT YOU BABY… AND I DO TO. 😊


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