Typewriter Tuesdays it is!

So Typewriter Tuesdays is remaining as is! Anyone with a better name… Im very welcome to suggestions! So another week another book!:) Im becoming a much faster reader now that I actually have book reviews to look forward to lol. Spent the weekend in the peaceful city of Maryland and I think that’s how I managed to complete this book so quickly, I mean what else do people do in Maryland anyway??

This week’s read was none other than Lauren Weisberger’s ‘Revenge Wears Prada’. Im sure we all remember her best selling hit, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ which still remains one of my favorite movies of all time. On my top ten list for sure. This book though… Was very very very and I repeat VERY unnecessary. We really didn’t need a sequel to The Devil wears Prada and if the masses really insisted on a sequel why couldn’t it be just as captivating as the original? To be honest this book felt kind of forced, like Lauren(author) was told either write it or your career is over kinda ish. Though I must commend her on the twists and turns within the storyline. A lot of comedic genius too within it thanks to Andy’s witty character. It’s your typical chic-flick kind of book, you have your romance, your drama, and your dose of fashion and gossip all rolled into 400 pages lol.. Thing is, she didn’t execute it as well.

The book title has the word REVENGE in it… a little more drama and schemes perhaps? Im going to stop here because if I go on I may turn all of you off this book. It’s a nice read for airport chilling and what have you so its not sooo bad, but definitely not one to add to your library collection especially if you already own the first one, just don’t do it. I loved the ending though, very predictable that Andy would end up with her first true love, I just liked how it panned out… Told y’all Im a stickler for love stories, however cliche:) They really better not make this into a movie, and even if they do Im sure I’ll still watch it because of my undying loyalty to Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, but they really shouldn’t waste funds on a movie sequel as well.

Okay, Im done. Done with the criticism. Back to my day job which includes trying to actually FIND A JOB! This economy sucks man… Staying positive though!!! Happy Tuesday folks.



  1. I was actually contemplating of getting this book since I loved The Devil wears prada movie but on second thought, I think I will pass. 🙂


  2. This review of the sequel is surprisingly bashing and hilarious. its interesting how D can find the balance between obliterating the perception of this sequel but at the same time praising it. Im sure D is not tryna mess up Lauren book sales, D is just a loyal fan that was very disappointed. its apparent that D is just disappointed in the sequel, and i agree with her sometimes less is more. Lauren should of just let the original rest in peace. I never seen the movie or read the book, but now im intrigued to see the original.The plot sounds ironically similar tho lol. Im sure if producers read this book review they wouldn't invest in the sequel.I think she put the nail in coffin for this book.


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