Typewriter Tuesdays – The Lovely Bones

Happy last days of summer folks!
And yes, I am equally as sad to bid summer goodbye, not really looking forward to those long cold nights and short dull days that Fall and Winter come with. I am however excited for Fall fashion… particularly excited to rock a pair of leather boots I saw a few weeks ago hiding in my closet:)

Okay back to the now.. Today’s review is on a book I read while still in high school so it’s amazing I can still remember the entire story today. Must have been one of those books that just stays with you you know? Like Harry Potter? No one can tell me they’ve forgotten all about Hogwarts, quidditch and Professor Snape.

Written by the lovely Alice Sebold, this book is another collector’s item to have in your home library. I saw it on offer at Barnes & Nobles yesterday and made a mental note to add it to my book review list!

The Lovely Bones is a kind of eerie book, which I think is the reason I was so attracted to it during my high school years… I was kind of emo back then haha. Story line was quite something as well; a story about a girl who is raped, murdered and dismembered, who then goes on into her own heaven and watches from above as her family tries to justify her death and move on… Who wouldn’t want to read that? lol… Sebold’s writing style is captivating with every single sentence and it reels you in with the suspense and the plot twists in each chapter.

I found it a tad bit weird that she(the murdered girl) willed her spirit to come back down to earth and live in her best friend for a while just to be able to sleep with the boy she was in love with from high school… Guess love does make you do crazy things. The guy felt her presence and everything, yet it was the body of a whole different girl… Awkward. Anyway, aside from that strange phenomenon, the storyline progresses well throughout the book as we follow the lives of her killer, her father who is trying to avenge his daughter’s death, her sister who stole her first love, married him and had a baby with him.. Harsh much? And her mother who cheats on her dad and soon leaves him for another man, leaving her dad as the only one really invested in finding her killer and putting him to justice.

I have not watched the movie adaptation of this book so they may have switched some stuff out, (as they always do, darn hollywood) or they may have changed some scenarios so forgive me if you don’t recall some of what I’m talking about, I’m writing solely on memory here. Memory of 7years ago mind you. The story has a lot of twists and turns all revolving around the death of a girl and her after life-life. And this all connects to the title, The Lovely Bones, as they only did find one of her bones. Sebold concludes with personifying the little girl’s bones to show the growth that occurred after her death… The lovely bones that grew into connections, no matter how gruesome or amazing, after the little girl was gone.

Eerie book, but great read. Please feel free to comment on the movie comparison to the book here as well. I’d love to know how they adapted the book into film, if they did it well i.e.

Have a less eerie week won’t you.



  1. Great review D. 🙂 I did not read the book but I did watch the movie and LOVED IT! From your review of the book I would say hollywood did a pretty good job on this one. the storyline was kept intact, of course with a little drama surrounding the murderous neighbor. 🙂 It was a really sad movie though.


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