Catch Up Session ft #CollegeTourist & #HugSitawa

So it’s been quite a while since I’v been to the wrytersden… SORRY!. So very sorry my dears, been a hectic couple of weeks and I have been neglectful of this here blog, but I have some free time now and I can catch up with you all as I let you in on my new ventures.

Today’s will be a brief post, as I am juggling very many things at once but first things first, I’m a columnist now!!! Yay to baby steps in this lifestyle writer dream:-) I interned at The College Tourist during the summer and it was really fun to have a job that basically wants you to travel and write about it. And now, with the internship done and me being in a whole new city, I didn’t think I would get a chance to write for them again until I got the call! Okay it was an email but I digress… still uber cool to be asked to head your own column on a globally known website. *Marks off bucket-list* Shout out to the College Tourist team, really appreciate this opportunity! If you want to keep up with my work there, which as my friends and loyal readers you should be doing already lol… You can find my column here.

It’s been about 2 weeks since the Westgate Attack and it’s still looming in my mind as I’m sure it is with all of you. We still have no answers about what happened to the remaining hostages but my guess is as good as any that they couldn’t have survived this long in the rubble that is Westgate mall right now. So sad. What’s even sadder is the looting that took place apparently long after the seige was done by our own defense forces. I don’t know how true this is but if it is… it’s disgusting to think about. Meanwhile Kenyan politics seems to have more drama than an entire season of love and hip hop nowadays… What is going on?? I won’t even get into it. If I start ranting I won’t stop.

Atlanta on the other hand is on a mission to fatten me up with all its generous southern delicacies. I need to stop eating so much lol. I started working out.. for the UMPTEENTH time. I promise to stick to it this time, otherwise come Christmas time, I’ll be the size of a generic snowman. Aside from my foodie problems, Iv really settled here in the A. The weather is perfection. After Cali and NY I think Atlanta is the perfect balance when it comes to weather in the United States. It’s supposedly Fall here and the sun rises at 7am everyday and still sets at 8pm, still feels like summer down south so Im good with that!

Have you all seen or heard of the Hug Sitawa campaign? Check out the hashtag #HugSitawa and get informed! When it comes to topics of women and rape, I’m always interested as I have an intense mission to greatly reduce rate of rape crimes not only in Kenya but the whole world over. No woman should ever go through such a heinous act. Unfortunately, famed Kenyan poet Sitawa Wafula fell victim to rape and it affected her very badly as depression and a mental condition soon followed. She however decided not to stay mum about it but to share her story and get her voice heard. She knows there are countless people out there who have gone through the same thing or are undergoing a mental illness of some sort and she wants to help. All she needs is a hug from each and every one of you. The #HugSitawa campaign was formed to help establish an information hub and hotline for anyone in need of someone to talk to, anyone who needs someone who understands what they are going through. “I plan to do this through digital storytelling where I will teach writing therapy which has really helped me in my journey and use the blogs, journals and poems as sources of information and edutainment.” Sitawa carefully explained on her site. I decided to give her my hug by shedding light on the great campaign here and let her know I fully support this movement! Hugs to you @SitawaWafula all the way from Atlanta! Please check out her campaign here and hug Sitawa today in whatever way you can.

Okay so once again… this post turned out longer than I thought. I wont write a paragraph more. Promise. Typewriter Tuesdays is on an impromptu break but will return to your airspace in due time! I am also working on a new project with this dollface @mysscheeks and her army of minions lol which I shall reveal when the time is right.

Till next time!



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