A One Way Ticket To The End Of 2013

11:45pm, Christmas Eve. It baffles me how I get weird writing urges so late in the night. #NocturnalTendencies. ANYHU… It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? About 2 months me thinks. Well a lot has happened since my last post, and yes, still haven’t read a book since hence the #TypewriterTuesdays hiatus. But with the New Year comes a new review hopefully! You know how December holidays go, so let’s make it by February latestJ
So I recently moved back home. Yes, permanently. I literally woke up one day, and made the decision to book a one-way ticket to Nairobi. And to be honest I really never thought this day would come. Not this soon at least. But then again it was about time. My extended stay in the US after graduating was basically me not wanting to face the reality of my life as it was post everything that happened within the last 2 years of my life.  I always thought of going back home as taking two steps back when I was finally ready to take my first step forward.  I was scared. Scared of being back in my mother’s house after being on my own for so long. Scared of being the only one not succeeding, not doing something amazing with my life, scared of facing some cold hard truths such as the reality of my single life. It never really hit home until I was actually home. I first came back for a brief visit this past summer and the latter hit me harder than a ton of bricks.
I left home once again but this time with no school to distract me and no concrete schedule to follow. Meaning I had time to let my mind wonder and figure things out for myself without anyone whispering over my shoulder. I was truly and fully alone. Captain of my ship, master of my fate… The past 6 months have been hard, extremely hard but also life changing and filled with so much growth and I think that’s exactly what I needed to give me that time to ‘find myself’ for lack of a better euphemism and make the sound decision on my own to come back home and start this chapter of my life afresh.
2013 has been a year and a half. And as the year comes to an end I choose to celebrate the positives that have come out of all the negatives in this year. Positives such as my column on The College Tourist, my slowly but surely better relationship with my mother, the Godson I acquired this year who I love dearly, and the amazing people I have crossed paths with throughout this past half of the year. You don’t know just how much you impacted my life. 2014 feels hopeful and I like that feeling a lot. This life is one and one alone. I have to make it count for something right?






Have a great last 5 days of the year guys, have fun but stay safe, I’d still love to have my readers with me come 2014!

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