Of Birthdays, Evening Walks and that Quarter Life Crisis… + Pictorial!

So FYI… I just turned 25. Freaking 25 years old. I feel so damn old! But then so young at the same time haha, guessing that’s the quarter life crisis part??

My birthday was this past weekend and being my first birthday back home and my freaking 25th!! I had to make it worth my while:) My birthday has never been fun happy times for me because it falls about the same time as my grandmother’s death anniversary, so Im normally more nostalgic than uber happy and spend the day in reminisce and deep thought of the woman I love and miss so much. This year though, marking 5 years since she went to heaven, I thought of celebrating her memory knowing that if she were here she would want me to mark this quarter life milestone with joy, laughter and happiness. So that’s exactly what I did… I had joy, laughter and happiness in the form of my closest friends and I having a celebratory dinner together. I always thought I would go all out for my 25th, being me and my obsession with birthdays esp milestone ones lol… But this past weekend was much more than I could have ever hoped for.

Mi Familia:)

Thank you to my wonderful friends for being the amazing beings that you are and thanks to my family for being appreciative and loving to me:) Below is a special pictorial, bday edition!

This is what 25 looks like:)


@Thuggz213 was a bit too happy about cake lol…


Much love to my fave aviator chic @Sab_G


cake #2 thanks to @MsNyairo


Made a wish…


And kissed a giraffe, perfect end to a beautiful day don’t you think?
My girls!


Pretty girlfriends I have!


#photobombers galore!




No Comment.


I heart @miss_muthoni!
I was at first calmly waiting for my cake…
Then the sparklers almost burned my dress!!

So yes… even after all that eating, my resolution still is to get healthier and fitter, yes despite my hating on all the cliche pips! haha, I feel ya’ll. That december/januaryweight needs to DIE! A very a quick death btw but knowing my body I know it will be a very slow and painful death. I give myself 5 months top:) I have since starting taking evening walks/jogs with my brother. He is my motivator because he is such a gym fanatic… When I grow up I tell you… For now, babysteps:) Seeing as Nairobi decided to turn into the sahara desert once 2014 dawned on us, I have to do these walks really late in the evening as the scorching sun refuses to set any earlier. Which is still fine by me as because I can’t do the whole crack of dawn workout thing. Not my nocturnal self, no. I have come to really love these evening walks because even though both my brother and I have our earphones plugged in and music set on high volume, I feel as if we bond in a way over the silence between us. Walking on the dusty paths, taking in the pollution filled air and watching the BEAUTIFUL sunsets Africa never lied about… gives me a weird source of joy. I find myself smiling alone and just mentally saying… ‘This is home. This is home and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’ I shall keep up with these walks, think they keep me less stressed and less stress means less eating meaning no more extra weight gain lol.

Stay Fit and stay hydrated folks during this so called ‘summer’ we are experiencing now, you wont regret it!


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