Maisha Dar – Pictorial 5

This post is late by a week. Pardon my tardiness.

So I recently took a mini vacation to Tanzania 2 weekends ago and think that was by far one of the most fun trips I have ever made myself take. Being a travel junkie like me you really need to make the traveling happen because no one else around you will. Believe me… I tried the whole getting friends to come with me thing… It just became too tedious and people wasted a lot of time getting back to me so just decided to plan it for myself and go at it solo. Best decision I have made yet!

Stayed in Dar Es Salaam at my dear fifi’s place. You all recall my college roomie Fiona yes? Basically the coolest Tanzanian I know, love you! and thank you and your family for making my trip worth the money and time I spent planning it. Anyway, enough talk, Dar es salaam is amazing, Zanzibar is even more amazing! Yes, I got to see Zanzibar as well, #travelbucketlist is getting shorter and shorter, love it!

I should do a post on my various bucket-lists soon yeah?… Next time!


My foodie self couldn’t stop myself from capturing the work of art that is this salad. If you are ever in Dar es salaam please visit the Sea Cliff Hotel and ask for the sweet and spicy chicken mango salad. You will not be disappointed!


Girls night out… the dynamic duo reunited!


My ride to Zanzibar…




Beautiful Zanzibar




Selfies are mandatory on vacations



Stone Town in Zanzibar is quite the historic place




So my friends are cooler than yours… Thanks again @chriskanyoi for letting me be your copilot!


Coolest dog ever…. Caesar!

I don’t know when I’ll be traveling next but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Have a great week ahead!



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