Taking Stock – Three

Making: A new jewelry box. DIY projects are actually fun:)

Cooking: Not today but last week, I made some more cupcakes! Really into baking nowadays don’t know why but I love it!

Drinking: Water.. my coffee stash is over, the struggle for caffeine is real guys

Reading: Just started Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese, hope its good!

Wanting: A pedicure, like yesterday!

Looking: For some new rings, need to up my collection

Playing: Nothing recently

Wasting: Wasted.. time on a project that was never credited. Hate when clients screw you over like that

Sewing: I really need to sew that button… 3 weeks and counting

Wishing: I could travel somewhere new every month. sigh… if wishes were horses! #wanderlustaddict

Enjoying: The quality time I have been spending with someone of late:)

Waiting: For tomorrow so I can finally get my pedicure!

Liking: This new song by madtraxx called Dabotap haha!

Wondering: About a lot of things. Can’t really pinpoint one thing now

Loving: That HONY (Humans Of New York) was in Nairobi for a couple of days, Brandon’s work is amazing and connects the entire world I believe

Hoping: A better month than I had last month for sure. Hello September!

Marvelling: At how well my brother performed in school this past semester, he’s going places!

Needing: A serious cure to sugar addiction

Smelling: Ralph Lauren- Romance. (Perfume I have on)

Wearing: Black Pants, purple button down shirt and a coat, yes, despite winter being over in Nairobi, the office is still as freezing as ever.

Following: @passionforbaking. An account I found on instagram on all things baking. As I mentioned above, really getting the baking bug of late

Noticing: A change in my eating habits… getting worse. I blame the baking haha. Needs to stop.

Knowing: That worrying a lot solves nothing. But I still do it… A LOT. Also needs to stop.

Thinking: About my first run in 2 months this evening… Back on this fitness journey, #sigh

Feeling: Some typa way about my good friend @mumodotex leaving for school abroad in exactly 2 weeks:(

Bookmarking: Nothing yet, but been on the GoodReads page a lot, y’all should join!

Opening: InDesign once more – The grind must go on!

Giggling: At the weekend that was.. such fun times with friends I love


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