Taking Stock – Four

Making: A lot more to-do lists than I used to before… Priorities!

Cooking: Nothing today but made some amazing fried rice last week!

Drinking: Lemon infused water – best thing for your skin guys

Reading: Still on ‘Cutting For Stone’

Wanting: A couple of books I’ve been eyeing for a while now.. 3 to be exact. Payday couldn’t get here sooner.

Looking: For a way to write, design and travel and not starve at the same time haha..

Playing: Jhene Aiko’s new album ‘Souled Out’, it’s really good.

Wasting: A lot of napkins.. realized it’s a bad habit I have nowadays. I pick like 7 yet I only need one. #sorrymotherearth

Sewing: I did not sew that button guys. At this rate it just won’t happen.

Wishing: I could magically lose 10kgs. If only it were that easy…

Enjoying: Fall Tv! All my shows are back on so my evenings are fully catered for.

Waiting: For next week. New job and such… yeah I’m being nonchalant but really jumping in excitement inside!

Liking: The weather now, Nairobi winter is over!

Wondering: On a lot. But most importantly when to go for my next dentist’s appointment.

Loving: The growth taking place within and around me. Quarter life crisis for who??

Hoping: For a good month of October, September was tres hard:(

Marvelling: At the incredible strength my mother has. She is surely superwoman #Dailyinspiration

Needing: A little R&R… a spa day isn’t too much to ask for is it? Or an entire week off to just chill and do fun things that does not include work and traffic.

Smelling: My perfume for today: Givenchy – angels & demons.

Wearing: School girl look today, pants, white shirt, sweater over white shirt.

Following: Just started following Robin Sharma, his tweets give me life!

Noticing: That I’m getting too emotional nowadays. My G-self needs to get her act together yo!

Knowing: That if it’s meant to be it will be…

Thinking: gosh if I had a dollar, not even a penny, for my thoughts… I’d be able to buy that bike I’ve been wanting. Thinking on A LOT. Getting headaches just on the thought process that I experience everyday.. I need a pensieve to pour some thoughts into. Mostly thinking that life has a funny way of teaching us some harsh lessons man.

Feeling: some typa way about everything.

Opening: work emails… meh.

Giggling: At memes my brothers send me on the daily:)


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