Taking Stock – Five

Making: Christmas card lists. Yes people, I’m that person who still sends out Christmas cards and I love it! #TeamTraditional:)

Cooking: Haven’t cooked much since taking up the Thanksgiving dinner challenge.. After a spread like that, I’m all cooked out for a while!

Drinking: Water, not enough of it though, need to up my intake

Reading: Zane’s ‘Addicted’. It’s quite something…

Wanting: An iPhone 6. Also the new Zen Garden Cookbook… Just saying, incase anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas.

Looking: At my travel bucketlist and really trying to figure out how I shall make all that happen!

Playing: With my hair – bad habit

Wasting: A lot of time in traffic. I can’t even begin my traffic rants here, they will never stop. Driving in Nairobi can be pure hell sometimes.

Sewing Creating: That sewing word needed to go because I don’t think there will ever be a time that I will be sewing… so created a new word:)

Wishing: We could close for the holidays already! Last week at work and it’s dragging so much

Enjoying: My #NoMondayBlues playlist, my iTunes was pretty well-behaved today, haven’t skipped a song once all day!

Waiting: For 6pm.. Hometime!

Liking: The fact that I am actually happy to see the year end, usually Im never ready! 2015 I’m ready for you.

Wondering: What adventures await me next year, God be gentle please, this year has been more than a roller-coaster ride.

Loving: Once Upon A Time this season, the producers have really up’d their game this time. Also finally started loving How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda you lost me in the beginning but you slowly reeled me back in, kudos:)

Hoping: For a more fulfilling year next year. I have done a lot more than I thought I would this year, so far so good. Also… more and more travel, I can’t say that enough!

Marvelling: At my level of patience with some things and some people.

Needing: A cup of tea. 5pm is tea time.

Smelling: That wonderful smell of a brand new book while you turn every page… Weird, I know.

Wearing: Leggings, sweater top… cold/warm/rainy days in Nairobi call for a comfy dress code.

Following: @worldwanderlust for the wanderlusterer in me!

Noticing: The constant negativity in the news lately.. both at home and internationally, we need to do better people.

Knowing: That I am going to have one of the best December holidays yet this year, so ready for it!

Thinking: About dinner. Hunger pangs have struck, I need to go home

Feeling: Great! And on a Monday nonetheless, guess it’s that holiday spirit in the air:)

Bookmarking: Not much of late but you all need to check out the UP Magazine website! (shameless work plug)

Opening: The EatOut Kenya website to register for my Yummy card… #foodieproblems don’t judge me haha. You know you want one if you are a foodie like me but can’t really afford eating out all the time. Sign up here>>> http://eatout.co.ke/card (also shameless plug)

Giggling: At my 4yr old cousin’s efforts in trying to teach me how to make loom band bracelets, kids these days goodness… And I thought I was crafty

Feeling: Like we all need to be in the holiday spirit, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and an even better New year!


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