Typewriter Tuesdays – Addicted

New Year calls for a whole new review!! How is 2015 treating ya’ll?? Hope good so far despite the usual broke spell we all suffer from in January. It’s sad that my birthday month is associated with brokeness including my own haha… Well the holidays have been nothing short of fantastic as you could tell from the travel post I put up last week:)


First book of the year, will be a book I read on a 20hr flight from Atlanta heading home. Best time to read is on long haul flights guys, trust me, all those hours disappear in an instant! The book is Addicted by Zane – yes I took on the book before watching the movie. Not making that rookie mistake again, watching Gone Girl before reading it taught me better.

Addicted was… addictive to say the least. And the only thing making that book addictive that I was done reading it within 9hrs of my flight, was the ridiculousness of the protagonist, Zoe Reynard. It was not until the end that I realized she actually had a serious problem. I really don’t understand sex addiction so I dismissed her all throughout the book until I got to the end and realized it actually came from a deep rooted traumatic experience she had gone through as a child… My bad.  

The book is as poorly written as the mess that was 50 shades of grey but makes for a good way to pass 10hours of flight time. Not too dense, not too critical… Just plain easy fiction with a moral lesson at the end. Ms Zoe Reynard had a perfect family, a man who adored her but she soon found him ‘too boring’ and went in search of ‘excitement’ in other men. If you have watched the film you can’t really blame her for getting with the 2 other guys, I mean, Tyson Beckford ladies??? Even you know you wouldn’t say no to that lol…

Turns out Quentin and Corey (played by William Levy and Tyson Beckford respectively) were a) a psychopath and b) a former inmate and so ex girlfriends were brought into the mix, near death situations as well because neither man wanted to see Zoe with anyone else yet she had told them she was married from the very start.

This book did nothing for me at all as you can tell from my bland review… I think I just got caught up in the movie hype and just had to read it for myself first and now that I have, I doubt I’ll bother watching the film at all. If you like bland erotica type novels then this is the book for you but if you have no patience for such esp after E.L. James wasted all your time in 2012 then you’d rather just watch the film and get your fix and keep it moving.

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