Wrytersden Turns 5!

5 years though???

I am very proud of myself for holding up a blog for that long, I didn’t even notice the time fly by at all. So my blog turns a year older today… just 4 days shy of my very own birthday and no, I did not plan that at all. Simply Coincidence:)

Wrytersden has really evolved over the few years. From being my little internet diary where I ranted and raved to becoming a platform to express my love for all things books, travel and life in general. We have come a long way and with the redesign in progress – (sorry it’s taking forever… coding + designing + a full time job is no easy feat, but getting there)-I can assure you all that what started out as my little writing baby is going to grow and grow fast and hopefully all of you will still be here with me on this journey as we gain even more readers and fans:)

To kind of ‘celebrate’ I am going to share 5 life lessons I have carried with me throughout the past 5 years…

1. Nothing is constant in this life except change. Accept it, embrace it.
2. Regret Nothing.
3. Death is inevitable and Nostalgia is good for the soul. You won’t cry forever, a time comes when you smile more than frown at the thought of your dearly departed.
4. Traveling is one of the best ways to learn crucial life lessons.
5. Live for the moments in life, not the things in life.

Happy 5th Birthday Wrytersden




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