Just Touched Down in London Town!

Hello All!

Back on the blogosphere and with so much to share! I just moved to London guys.. Yep, I got back on that bird and I am loving every minute of it here in the Queen’s land so far. I am currently pursuing my masters degree here at Westminster University and so London town is going to be home for a whole year.


Europe has been on my travel bucket-list for YEARS! Think I wanted to come here first before I had any interest in America so you can imagine my excitement when I got my acceptance to school this fall. London is just one of the many cities I want to explore while here but seeing as my time is quite limited with school taking a bulk of it, I have to plan smart and see if I’ll still be able to see atleast 3 other european cities while here.

This post won’t be too long, I just wanted to keep ya’ll updated on my daily ventures. I have settled into school quite well and classes are already going on so the workload is also piling up really quickly so will try and be as consistent as I can with this blog. And coincidentally, I do have to have a blog as a course requirement so I may just make writersden my year long assignment… Probably the best way to keep me consistent haha.

Okay, I’m out. Until next time, hopefully soon.

Have a great week ahead!


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