Taking Stock – Nine

Making: To-Do lists for the month of November, lots to do!

Cooking: I was going to cook today but take-out seemed much easier.

Drinking: A lot of lemon water, coffee and green tea. Yeah I don’t understand that combination either

Reading: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins – Really great book, review coming soon

Looking: At my calendar and wondering how time flew by so fast, how is it already November?

Playing: Phone tag with @IamSteffy for the longest time, call me back girl!

Wasting: Time trying to go to the gym… been ‘going’ for a month now.

Sewing Creating: Vision boards in my head for 2016. I should actually physically make them.

Wishing: I could stop my sugar addiction as easily as I quit white bread

Enjoying: My Media Law class immensely. Who would have thought it… Me? Enjoy a law class? My mum is beaming somewhere as I write this haha.

Waiting: For my takeout to get here. It’s movie night tonight and I pulled all the stops when it comes to food.

Liking: The few but interesting friends I have made so far while in London. The diversity in Westminster Uni is amazing.

Wondering: When the real cold will check in. Not that I want it, just wondering because all I heard was scary tales of how awful London fall and winter is, but if I’m not layering twice as much as I used to in NY, then I think y’all exaggerated it just a tad.

Loving: The new look of this blog, it was about time I revamped it. What do you think about it? Feedback will be highly appreciated.

Hoping: November moves faster than October did. I’m ready for Christmas to get here already.

Marvelling: At how great my time management skills have been of late. How I am still getting six hours of sleep per day is crazy to me with this school schedule.

Needing: A hot cup of milo and my brothers wrecking havoc around me. It’s official, I’m homesick.

Smelling: The new Clinique scent… Can’t quite recall the name but it smells divine!

Wearing: A black jumper, blue jeans, striped socks and black TOMs shoes.

Following: A lot of news channels and news editors. In the words of my lecturer, Mercedes, ‘You always have to be on top of the news.’

Noticing: How different London is compared to New York yet people always said they are quite similar.

Knowing: That if given the choice, I’d pick New York over London any day.

Thinking: About the fact that I really need to start this gym thing very soon.

Feeling: Blah. Not really feeling much at the moment. Aside from homesick. But that comes and goes, nothing long lasting.

Bookmarking: The pixabay site – perfect for free, great quality stock photos like the one above.

Opening: My media law textbook, time to get back to studying folks!

Giggling: At the things #KOT talk about, the debates make my days.


*KOT – Kenyans On Twitter

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