My Travel Bucketlist

So I just realized for someone who writes so much about travel, I’ve never really shared my travel bucketlist on this blog! I have it written down on my journal and came across it today; five years later… Decided it would be great to share my ambitious goal of visiting an insane number of countries (read every single continent) with you all. Who knows, some of you may want to join me on my #traveltheworldmission.

So to fully understand where my love affair with travelling comes from, take a look at my article on where I talk about how my wanderlust began.

Fellow dromomaniacs; here is my Travel Bucketlist:

First and foremost is of course, the motherland – my motherland, Africa.


I actually want to travel and experience every single country on this continent. Being an African gives me so much pride and joy and I would love to immerse myself in the various different cultures found all over North Africa, West Africa, East & Southern Africa. I have already been to five places, i.e. Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, South Africa and Rwanda; so 49 more to go!


New York   New Orleans   Hawaii   Seattle   Washington DC   Miami   Texas   Las Vegas   San-Francisco   Los Angeles

Chicago   Vermont   Utah  Mexico   Florida   Philadelphia   Atlanta    Arizona  Dominican Republic  Puerto Rico

South America: Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia

Caribbean: Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Martin

Canada: Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto

Brooklyn, NY


England   Belgium   Denmark   Germany   Greece   Italy (Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Positano, Bologna)   Monaco   Netherlands   Norway   Portugal   Russia   Spain   Sweden   Scotland   Switzerland   Turkey  Ireland  France


Santorini, Greece. Photo Credit – TravelNoire


China   Cambodia   Israel   Japan  Jordan   Kuwait   Lebanon   Malaysia   Maldives   Nepal

Philippines   Qatar   Pakistan   UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)   Singapore   South Korea   Sri Lanka

Thailand   Turkey   Vietnam   Bali   India (Mumbai, New Delhi)  

Selangor state, Malaysia

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai



Australia   Fiji   New Zealand   Papua New Guinea


Photo Credit – Pixabay

Quite an extensive list I know… but I hope to at least get through half this list if not all by the time I turn 40 – which gives me quite a lot of time. My first trip while in Europe is coming soon, heading to Scotland next week so I think this mission isn’t quite unreachable as most may think. Gradual steps…

Have a great weekend ahead and happy travels to anyone itching that wanderlust scratch soon.


All images are taken by me unless credited otherwise on individual pictures







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