Travel Essentials | Roadtrips

In preparation for my upcoming roadtrip to Edinburgh, I want to touch on a topic that will be helpful for any budding travel lovers out there or anyone planning a trip soon – Travel Essentials. There are different sets of travel essentials for different types of travel, so I’ll cover each in consecutive posts to come. For now we shall start with roadtrip travel essentials.

Roadtrips are so much fun and I highly advice them especially while in your 20s, when time is still a factor. It’s very healthy to take time out of your regular surroundings, take a drive out of town, or take a long drive out of the country and take in some fresh air in a place you’ve never been in before , or somewhere you love to go to just take a breather.

1. Snacks

As a foodie, that is my number one priority on a roadtrip. I get hungry so often in a day, can you imagine how I would be in a long car ride where we can’t stop for hours on end? Food is necessary. Healthy snacks like fruit, protein bars, nuts are good but a little bit of junk food never hurt anyone too.


2. Water

You need to stay hydrated while on the road so pack some bottles of water and other beverages too to avoid dehydration.


Photo by Pixabay

3. GPS/Map

Depending on what you prefer, have a navigation system/map in place that will help you incase you get lost and of course to help direct you to your destination. Most smart phones have google maps installed but some areas are out of network range so having a navigation system in your car is a good back up.

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

4. First Aid Kit

You need to always be prepared for any emergency that may occur on the road or during your time away. A car emergency kit, though more on the pricier side, can be helpful as well just incase the car you are in or driving breaks down along the way.

5. Hand Sanitizer

With no bathroom breaks on a long drive, you need to still keep the environment around you clean as well as yourself. If the bathrooms you encounter are not as clean as you’d like, then have some sanitizer or wet wipes handy to clean your hands. These can also be used to freshen up your underarms incase you can’t get a hold of some deodorant till you arrive at your destination.

6. Cool Playlists

Music is life. I’m not sure if that’s a quote or not but it works for this particular point. Music will get you through a long drive quite quickly. Make some great playlists with your favourite songs and songs that will for sure entertain those traveling with you, that way it’s not a long, quiet, awkward drive…

7. Breath mints

Long drives, all that food and drink being mixed together in your mouth, long silences… Your breath will be smelling some type of way after some time. Pack some breath mints just to keep your mouth fresh and those of the people traveling with you.

8. Camera & Power Banks

Roadtrips make the most memories. The whole trip is an adventure that you should document to reminice with your friends for years to come. Carry a great camera and powerbanks to charge your phones on the way to take some good pictures and make some great memories.

Photo by Mutua Matheka

Photo by Mutua Matheka

Hope this list was helpful to you all and if anyone is taking a roadtrip soon or you are a regular at a bunch of them, tell us what your essentials are for a drive out of town. If there is anything else I could add to this list, let me know below.

Happy travels!


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