Taking Stock – Ten

Currently writing this while on a bus to Edinburgh, getting super excited for the weekend ahead in Scotland with my friends Jordaania & Adelaide. Not really ready for the cold though… That aside, here is this month’s Taking Stock.

Making: Christmas plans with my brothers, so ready for the holidays!

Cooking: Not much today, as I am traveling but I did broil some amazing garlic lemon chicken a few days back, I can still taste it now!

Drinking: Lemon water, tea and more lemon water. Though I really want coffee, my brain needs a pick me up.

Reading: Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie

Looking: For a really good winter coat. I feel I need more than just one now that I actually need to wear them to beat this winter.

Playing: The new song by Nelly & Jeremih – Fix, it’s such a cool track.

Wasting: So much time watching Once Upon a Time – this show desperately needs to end now. There’s only so many fairy tale characters you can spin a story about on a modern show.

Sewing Creating: New dishes with baked beans because that is the one thing I have in plenty. #PostgradStruggle

Wishing: I could be in Atlanta with my cousins for Thanksgiving. This is the first time in five years that I’ll be missing it and I’m extremely bummed out to be missing out on Black Friday shopping particularly. I’m a shopaholic and proud.

Enjoying: My news and feature writing classes. I am really enjoying them despite the work load. I’m learning a whole lot so thank you Mercedes! (best lecturer at Westminster Uni)

Waiting: For December 18th. School closes – means I get a break. Finally.

Liking: All the glitz and glam fashion going on right now at H&M and just in time for the holidays.

Wondering: How 2016 will be, 2015 wasn’t at all what I thought it would be, so maybe no resolutions for next year… All I want is positive vibes all through the year.

Loving: My mother’s obsession with books, means I get to score some books as she shops for her seasonal reads.

Hoping: To make it to the end of this semester and come out strong, it’s been quite the rollercoaster.

Marvelling: At the change the new Tanzanian president, Dr Magufuli is bringing to the country. All other African presidents should really follow suit.

Needing: Enough coffee to last me through finals week which is in about two weeks.

Smelling: Tea, just had a cup.

Wearing: Layers on layers on layers. We were warned that Edinburgh is super cold so I came prepared, woolen hat to match.

Following: @hereisgina – Jane from Jane The Virgin because she is awesome and I feel like we’d make really great friends if I ever met her. Hi Gina Rodrigues!

Noticing: That my skin is getting clearer thanks to all this lemon water I’ve been drinking

Knowing: That everything happens when it’s supposed to. All in due time

Thinking: Of what to do in Edinburgh this weekend? If you have any ideas please comment below and let me know!

Feeling: Hungry. Being on a bus all night can do that to you.

Bookmarking: @jeanettejenkin’s fitness site. Triyng to get back on my fitness tip.

Opening: The What’s Good Live YouTube page, best internet radio show since The Breakfast Club

Giggling: At my friend, Ivy’s coat. She is really tiny and the coat is so puffy so she looked like a big puffy grey ball with bangs… You’re still cute to me Ivy!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American Family and to you all; very thankful for all of you who take time to read my random rants and raves on here.


Feature Image by Jordaania Andima


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