Quintessential Scotland

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland was my home for the weekend and what a weekend it was.

From the nine hour drive from London to the ice cold weather that welcomed my friends and I, Scotland has been an experience.

An old yet historic town, Edinburgh is now one of the most intellectual and industrial powerhouses of Europe. I didn’t have such high expectations for it besides the cliche green fields with sheep grazing, which was my view for basically half the drive here. But I wasn’t disappointed either.

You know the cold wasn’t going to deter my friends and I from exploring. As soon as we got here and were fully checked into our hostels, our first stop was Edinburgh castle in old town. This luckily, was just a 10 minute walk from the hostel.



The Edinburgh castle has been in existence since the 12th century with different reigns taking over until the Union of the three kingdoms; England, Scotland and Ireland in 1603.
The castle is quite vast and is located on top of castle rock which overlooks the entire city. Quick tip while going up there, especially in cold November, layer up. A lot. The winds are unforgiving and the constant little showers of rain even worse. Once inside the castle you’re safe but for those trying to get a selfie at the castle gates, hold on tight to your selfie sticks and umbrellas because the wind will not be as lenient as you’d like it to be.


Along the way to the castle we spotted a bag piper all dressed up in the traditional Scottish gear, kilt and hat to match, playing his pipes for anyone who would listen. I find bag pipe music to be quite saddening – it sounds like a dirge to me. A sweet, soulful dirge though.



Lastly on our way back down from the castle, we came across a Cashmere shop with an actual tartan mill and factory within. One thing I thank the scots for is their brilliant tartan fabric and designs. I really love that type of fabric especially for Autumn wear. Managed to get myself a pure cashmere scarf with tartan print (had to stop myself from buying one in each colour) and we stumbled upon some kilt makers doing their thing in the factory. Kilts are cool and all but I can’t understand why anyone would want to wear something that short in the dead of winter.



Day one in Edinburgh was quite eventful, we had some great meals and sampled the nightlife as well, but that’s a post for another day. For now I’ll leave you with the video of the Bagpiper as I prepare for the long drive back to London. Apologies for the minor interruption by the wind in the video.

Have a great week ahead.


Photography by Diana Odero


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