#WhenInEdinburgh… Eat at Mariachi Restaurant 

Foodie post alert!

Think this is the first time I’m doing a restaurant review on this blog; must mean the food was really good.

It is quite ironical to be in Scotland and end up eating at a Mexican restaurant… But my craving for chips and salsa had to be satisfied somehow and after walking up to the Edinburgh castle and back into town, the first restaurant that caught my eye just happened to be Mexican – lucky me.

The restaurant, located along Victoria street, is a nice little cosy spot with bright red walls that give it that hot, Mexican feel. They serve everything from enchiladas to burritos and a chilli con carne that is just the perfect amount of spicy. I highly recommend the chilli mushrooms as a starter, you will not be disappointed at all. Unless of course you don’t like spicy food, in which case then everything in this restaurant aside from dessert, will disappoint you.

The servings are generous and the prices just right. They have a special offer on weekdays where you can have two courses for £10. So if you are not up for some spicy appetisers, maybe try their delectable Chocolate pudding with raspberry sauce and a side scoop of vanilla ice cream. That mix of warm, moist chocolate pudding and ice cold, creamy vanilla is enough to put a sappy smile on your face for the rest of the day.

I won’t say much more but will just let the pictures do the talking.

The Mariachi restaurant is located along Victoria street, Edinburgh city and is open from 5p.m to 10:30p.m on weekdays and 2p.m to 11p.m on weekends.

Photography by Diana Odero


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