Taking Stock – 11

Three more days till 2016!! Can you smell January already? So ready for another year filled with promise and opportunity, 2015 imma let you finish but 2016 is probably going to be the best year I’ll have… Just putting it out there.

Making: A list of new content to start adding on this blog.

Cooking: Rather baking… what else but my favourite – cupcakes! Redvelvet goodness thanks to Sprinkles cupcake mix.

Drinking: Green tea. Second cup today.

Reading: Shonda Rhimes – Year of Yes, review coming up real soon.

Looking: At my nails like OMG… a mani/pedi is needed like asap. Christmas made me lazy.

Playing: This ridiculously hilarious game called Ale the Luhya. Please download it and play it to realize how incredibly genius and still very silly it is.

Wasting: Time doing everything but writing my one paper left for the semester. Must start tomorrow.

Sewing Creating: New ways to use mince meat since that is all we have in abundance in this house thanks to my mother abandoning us this Christmas haha.

Wishing: For a longer holiday. I’m only a week into my winter break and the thought of being back in cold rainy London in three weeks is so daunting.

Enjoying: Being home with my brothers and the wonderful Nairobi sun I had missed so much.

Waiting: For my girl Sonnie to get back to Nairobi so we can get some much needed bonding time!

Liking: The lack of traffic in the city these past few days. Nairobians, wherever you are, please stay there till the end of January, thanks.

Wondering: What to do for New Year’s Eve? Any suggestions?

Loving: Being in the same city again with my favourite New Yorkers, Emma, Nimoi & Seba!

Hoping: I can actually get my paper done before NYE. That’s my deadline, hold me to it please.

Marvelling: At the kindness of the world regarding the current refugee crisis. Particularly Humans Of New York’s (HONY)  mission to help the numerous families that were relocated to the US. Good to know humanity still exists in this world.

Needing: A spa day. I feel like I say this all the time in my Taking Stock posts lol… But I really do need one, a day of pampering sounds like the best thing since sliced bread.

Smelling: Rice. Just made some for dinner – and yes, will have it with mince meat. Again.

Wearing: Pajamas. #SaturdayNightsIn

Following: @Ayeshacurry – wife to NBA Champion, Steph Curry, she and her husband and her kids are such a cute little family plus this woman can really cook damn! Definitely waiting on that cookbook Chef Curry.

Noticing: How chill Nairobi is during the Christmas season, so empty, no chaos, just peaceful. Three more days till the peace is disturbed, sigh…

Knowing: I have a long first half of the year ahead of me in 2016 but I feel so ready to tackle everything. This feeling better last all six months otherwise…

Thinking: Of the future. I know I should really just live for the moment but the planner OCD in me can’t help it.

Feeling: Unfulfilled. But not for long. Also feeling very blessed. My friends are the best thing in the world to me and my family – amazing, wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Bookmarking: Travel Noire. Been reading a lot of their articles of late and I don’t know how I never subscribed to them much earlier. Fellow wanderlusters, ya’ll need to get on this.

Opening: The last chapter of the Shonda Rhimes book – I read this book in three days, shows you how good it is because I usually take up to two weeks to read a novel. I clearly couldn’t put it down.

Giggling: At a super funny story @IamSteffy told me last night concerning a bride, a groom, a lot of alcohol and a text message… I laughed so hard I could barely breathe. If you see me on the streets please stop me and remind me to tell you about it, it’s so much funnier in person.

Last stock taken for the year… wow. Thank you all for keeping up with this blog and being patient with me as I struggle to find my voice in this bloggosphere (it’s hard out here yo). To all the new followers, welcome and hope you’ll stick around on my constant journey within books and writing, along my travel adventures and my journey in life in general.

Have a great few days left of the year and a super blessed new year. 2016 we are ready for you!


Feature image by Josephine Opar


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