#WhenInLondon… Have brunch at the Breakfast Club

Brunch is the genius combination of breakfast and lunch – not such a wild guess right? Yeah well, I take excitement in word puns. I also take excitement in all things breakfast related, I really love breakfast food so next to breakfast, brunch is my second favourite type of eating experience.

My friend Brian must have known how much I love breakfast when he suggested we go to brunch to celebrate my birthday. To be honest, he didn’t really know but I like that we were thinking on the same wavelength for once. I have been fortunate enough to experience brunch in various places like Nairobi (of course), Kigali, Johannesburg, Dubai and last but not least, the brunch capital of the world – New York. So getting to do brunch in London for the very first time got me giddy because I get to add it to my list!

The Breakfast Club in downtown London was my friend’s choice and I went with it because a place with such a title should be true to its name. We went to the London Bridge branch at around 2 p.m and the queue outside was actually startling to me. I know people love a good brunch but was it really worth standing in line for?

A few hours post eating, I can definitely say yes, it was worth standing in line for. Plus the line moves fairly quickly especially if you are in a small group, larger groups may wait a little longer. The setting inside is reminiscent of a classic American diner, think Ihop and Denny’s but on a fancier scale. Fitted booths in the corner, little tables and wooden chairs sprawled all over the central space and I hear there is a secret bar somewhere within the restaurant? We didn’t get time to check it out, but I will look for it the next time.

Their menu, also filled with delectable American classics, had me smiling from ear to ear when I saw the word PANCAKES. Brunch isn’t brunch without pancakes. Our waiter served us some water before taking our orders and the wait for the food isn’t as long as you’d expect. I think they really try to make up for the queue outside by serving people as fast as they can.

I had the ‘All American’ which I think is the best thing on the menu in regards to breakfast. This dish (pictured above) consists of Home fries, two fluffy pancakes, bacon, a sausage, eggs and maple syrup. Yes, I ate all that. Well minus the eggs, my body doesn’t particularly respond well to eggs. Everything else though was superb. I asked for a side of whipped cream just so I could have the perfect pancake ensemble and that whipped cream tasted like heaven. It’s not your ordinary whipped cream from a can and just sprayed onto a plate, no… This was actual whipped cream, tasted like it was made that morning.

My friend had the same dish but with scrambled eggs and a vanilla milkshake. I had to have fresh orange juice – also another brunch staple. I think I should do a post on all things breakfast haha.

The food at The Breakfast Club is fresh, seasoned well, tasty and very filling. The dish I had goes for £11 and the drinks are regularly priced. For a restaurant in central London, their prices weren’t bad at all, especially for a meal designed to fill you up for an entire day.They also have other non breakfast food on their menu for those looking for a good burger or steak instead of fluffy pancakes and baked beans.

I wish I took more pictures of the place to show you all but I was too engrossed in my meal and good conversation that I forgot my journalistic ways for like two hours. However, I hope my words entice you enough to pay them a visit anytime you are in London. It’s a great place for breakfast, brunches and all other meals, great service and overall great ambience. Will for sure go back again soon.

They do not take reservations and morning hours are usually their busiest times. To avoid a queue, head there a bit after 12:30p.m and a bit after 3p.m.


Branches: London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Hoxton, Soho, Spitalfields, Brighton, Battersea Rise & Angel

Hours: 8a.m – 10p.m


Feature image by Diana Odero


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