Taking Stock – 12

January, as much as it’s my birthday month, simply refuses to end. Possibly the longest month of the year hands down but it hasn’t been as torturing to me this time as it usually is. Probably that’s because I’m not working so I’m not feeling the pinch of no money till the weekend haha. No offense to those of you who are. Well it’s just a good three days and the month will finally be over folks, stay patient and let’s take some stock shall we.

Making: Sure I get a max of 6-7 hours of sleep. Ever since I started working out again, I’ve realized sleep is so necessary to be able to have enough energy to burn the next day. Gone are my night owl days… for now.

Cooking: Beef stew and some sweet potatoes for dinner today, yum!

Drinking: Lemon and cucumber infused water – try it and thank me later, best way to hydrate.

Reading: Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Looking: For a way to speed up this semester, time is moving ever so slowly.

Playing: Words with friends:)

Wasting: No time in catching up with all my favourite shows once they all return in February, hi there Scandal, HTGWM & Greys Anatomy.

Creating: A fitness vision board – so glad I finally joined the gym, summer isn’t ready for me!

Wishing: That I didn’t have to cook everyday, sure I love it and all, but sometimes it’s nice to have the option.

Enjoying: Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson’s new show – it’s not you, it’s men, for once we hear from the man’s point of view. Check it out, you may like it too.

Waiting: For winter to end, I’m a sun child for life, this cold is not for me.

Liking: My progress at working out, small milestones every day.

Wondering: What to give up for lent this year…

Loving: Conde Nast Traveller’s February edition – they’ve compiled a list of the best hotels, restaurants and beach clubs world wide and the wanderlust in me is yearning to visit them all one day.

Hoping: I get a job this semester, Lord knows I really need one. Whoever is looking at my applications out there, please consider me?:)

Marvelling: At the amazing friends I have, I had the best birthday away from home thanks to them. Shout out to Sonnie in particular who is someone everyone should have in their life; she knows why.

Needing: Coffee. Even post workout I still crave caffeine in the morning, can’t help it.

Smelling: Milk – I just had some cereal.

Wearing: Sweatpants and a t-shirt, best lounge wear.

Following: A whole bunch of fitness pages on instagram, I really need to lose quite a bit of weight by summer time, so need all the tips and help I can get.

Noticing: A change in my metabolism, I can actually have dinner at 5:30p.m and last all evening till bedtime without feeling an ounce of hunger – that’s remarkable if you knew where I started from haha. (midnight munchies anyone?)

Knowing: That this is going to be my best semester yet, I’m putting in work already and I love the progression so far.

Thinking: That a spa day wouldn’t be so bad would it? One of these days…

Feeling: Sore, but a good sore, it no longer hurts so much and that means – progress!

Bookmarking: Nothing of late

Opening: Blackboard, time to get back to these assignments

Giggling: At the Kanye – Wiz Khalifa feud that went down on twitter last night, hilarious!



Feature image by Diana Odero


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