Love is…

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and all the stores are decked out in red to celebrate. This holiday is one of my least favourite holidays. And this is actually because I have never understood why people should go the extra mile to celebrate love on just one day out of the year. Love should be celebrated fully every single day don’t you think?

My opinion aside, love is a most beautiful feeling and celebrate it we shall. Single or taken, everyone should feel love in their lives in one way or another. One of my favourite bible verses actually talks a lot about love and I shall use this post to further decipher that verse, using my own examples or of others – hoping it inspires you and yours to love more and spread the same love to others this Valentine’s and every single day.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is Patient: Patience is the greatest virtue you will ever learn in your life. Being patient, especially with someone you love, takes a lot out of you. There are times you’ll want to say ‘screw it, I tried…’ and just give up. When that feeling comes upon you, before acting on it, listen to your heart – listen to it telling you to be patient, to give someone another chance, to think things through before acting out of anger or frustration. You never know how much can be solved or avoided if all of us practiced patience a lot more.

Love is Kind: Being kind costs you nothing. The world is cruel enough as it is, so little acts of kindness to your loved ones, and even to complete strangers, goes a long long way in spreading love. Be kind, because you never know what someone is going through. That simple ‘Thank you’ or that simple act of helping someone carry their groceries, or simply opening the door to let them pass could be the best thing that has happened to them all day. Kindness goes a long way. If someone takes your kindness for weakness, be patient with them, be the bigger person and let it be. Just as love is real, karma is also just as real, they will learn their lesson in due time.

Love does not envy: We as human beings are prone to being jealous, its avoidable yes but it happens. Sometimes we can’t help it. Your life may not be going a certain way, your friend’s or your partner’s may be just the opposite. Don’t let the green monster get the best of you, because when you do, it causes friction, tension and inevitable arguing within your relationship. Instead, support them, despite your situation, be their #1 cheerleader, your time will come and they will be there for you as well. Loving someone means supporting them and not wishing them any kind of bad luck because of envy.

Love does not boast: Boasting is never a good look on anyone, especially in front of people you love. You are allowed to voice your successes, you are allowed to feel great about your achievements, but there is really no need to boast so much in turn making your loved ones feel inferior. Love does not boast, it is humble.

Love is not proud, rude or self seeking: Pride comes before a fall people. Just as I have mentioned that love does not boast, it should be humble – well even in this case, humility goes a long long way. No one likes a super proud person because said person is not only proud, but rude and selfish. Probably the worst character traits anyone can have in my opinion. Be proud in the right way, be proud of your relationships, be proud of your achievements, be proud of being the woman you have grown up to be, be proud to be able to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and wake up and do it all over again. Be proud and humbled that you can do so much in life. Do not be too proud though to help out your friends, partner or colleagues. Do not be too proud to clean up after yourself, do not be too proud to eat a simple meal, or to hang out with people who are different from you. Every situation is a learning moment, and if you are not careful, that pride, rudeness, and selfishness could be your downfall.

Love is not easily bothered and keeps no grudges: I used to be the ultimate grudge holder for the longest time. I could be very easily bothered and hold a grudge for days, weeks even. But as I grew older, I learnt that there is more to life than to be holding on to negative things of the past. You feel so much better once you let such things go and are not bothered as much anymore. Your life is more fulfilling with less negativity in your life, trust me.

Love does not delight in evil and rejoices with the truth: We all know we should relish in being good people and not being bad. We should also practise being truthful no matter how hard it is. Life is too short to lie your way through everything. Be good, be truthful – that is all.

Love always protects: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Protect your heart completely. Heartbreak is the most brutal thing to go through and you would not wish that on anyone. On top of protecting your heart, protect those of your friends and family as well. Love is the strongest shield of protection, especially between a parent and their child. Protect your parents now as much as they have protected you growing up. Stay away from trouble, stay safe and stay healthy, it will keep them content and happy knowing their child is safe from any kind of harm.

Love always trusts, always hopes: Trust, hope and love are three very vital things to have in your life. You cannot love someone you do not trust. You cannot trust someone you do not love. You cannot be hopeful for someone you do not love or trust. Those three go together like peas in a pod. It is very hard to trust anyone especially in this day and age, but you shouldn’t give up if someone has proved their loyalty and their love to you. You can only move forward with someone if you know you can trust them and can only put your hopes and dreams on the foundation of trust you already have.

Love always perseveres: If you love someone, you will do anything and everything for this person. You never want to see them suffer or lack anything. It may be hard sometimes but perseverance is the one way you will know you truly love someone. Going above and beyond for someone is not something everyone can do but it is something people can try. It shows respect, loyalty, and complete love for this person. Love is hard but it is also not impossible. It perseveres to the very end.

Love never fails: It really doesn’t. Every failed relationship you have had in the past is not a sign of love that has failed. It is a sign of a lesson learnt and another chance to try again till you get it right. I have not been lucky in the love department for a long time but I refuse to call it a failure because it isn’t. It’s just God telling me that the right person hasn’t come along yet. If you are in the same position, don’t worry. Don’t beat yourself up about it, all you need to do is stay patient, stay open, be kind, be hopeful, and stay strong. One day it will happen and it will be the best feeling in the world because… Love believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. 

Love never fails. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day.


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