Taking Stock – 13

It’s been more than a minute folks and I apologize for the silence. School had me super caught up and I had no time to even read for pleasure leave alone blog. BUT… Finally on Easter break and catching up with everything I have missed out on in the past two months or so. Let’s take some stock shall we?:)

Making: Summer plans that include my impending dissertation! *insert crying emoji here* Sigh.. Last stretch to the finish line.

Cooking: Beef stew, Sukuma wiki (kale) and brown rice. I am so happy to be able to eat meat again! This past lent was a brutal one goodness.

Drinking: A lot of lemon water as always.

Reading: Sadly nothing of late, Haven’t been in the reading spirit for a while because of being so busy but maybe I’ll get some motivation during this break to get back into some good books.

Looking: At my hair like… Damn. I need to get this hair done like yesterday. #blackhairstruggle

Playing: Words with friends with my brother and he keeps beating me every time! Not cool.

Wasting: No time in helping plan my best friend’s wedding! @wild_succulent the hamster wheel is still turning haha

Creating: Vision boards for the wedding of the year! See above.

Wishing: I could have enough money to get an unlimited oyster card. The amount of commuting I have to do in London thanks to my course is crazy. But the cost of an unlimited card is even crazier… Such is my life I guess.

Enjoying: The easter weekend so far. I told myself I would take the four days for myself and just relax. No work. No school work. No stress. Just relax, hang out with friends and just be in the moment for once.

Waiting: For May to get here because so much is happening that month and I am excited for it!

Liking: How my self-love mission is going so far this year. It’s been a good first three months and it’s only onwards and upwards from here.

Wondering: How the @HillsongLondon crew managed to produce the impeccable easter production they put on last night? honestly, it was incredible!

Loving: More like loved the easter concert I went to yesterday. I may just join the Hillsong church if services are that fun all the time, thank you @JayBeeTalks for inviting me.

Hoping: For something I have been really working on to come through. Please put me in your prayers, I am on the last stretch of this project and I am really hoping for a positive outcome.

Marvelling: At the resilience of some of my classmates. I thought I was doing the most till I saw what others have been doing and still have to do and I am just amazed. Kudos to you all.

Needing: A spa day!! *insert TWO crying emojis* Sigh… Once this whole school thing is done, I will definitely treat myself to a whole day of some R&R. My muscles are so tense they don’t even know what relaxed feels like anymore.

Smelling: Fresh air. And the orange juice I just drank.

Wearing: PJs. Yes, it’s that type of a holiday.

Following: This amazing travel writer that I discovered here on the wordpress network – Angela Koblitz, really love her work.

Noticing: How fast time is flying. January was just a while back. And April is already upon us. aka school is so close to being completed! I’m giddy about it but so anxious as well because once again I’ll be in a whole phase of the unknown because my future after school isn’t all planned out. The planner in me hasn’t yet figured out a solid plan once I graduate and that scares me. A lot.

Knowing: That in as much as I don’t know what will happen in 4-6 months time, I am going forth with no regrets and with hope that the best is yet to come.

Thinking: Of the brunch I had yesterday at the Breakfast club. If you read my review on it from a few months ago, you know that’s some unforgettable food. Like Wendy Williams says – ‘my mouth is watering just thinking about it, ha!’

Feeling: Creative.

Bookmarking: The wedding section on Stumbleupon, I’ll be referring to it quite a lot in the coming months. Goodness, one would think this was my own wedding haha

Opening: InDesign, about to make some invitation samples for my girl to choose from for her upcoming nuptials – aren’t you lucky Doreen, saving so much on stationery, hmmmm… But what are friends for if not to help you save some coins right?:)

Giggling: At Evelyn from the internet’s videos! I randomly found her channel and I’m so glad I did, this girl is hilarious. Plus she’s kenyan as well so I love her even more by default haha, keep doing what your doing Evelyn – #MagicalBlackGirl


Feature image by yours truly. Location-East London



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