72 hours in Paris

Hello good people!

Hope the month of May is treating you as well as it is me. I recently came back from a nice little weekend in Paris and all I kept thinking on the way back was I wish I had more time there! Paris is a beautiful city and three days is not enough time to really get a feel of it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go back in future. So my friend invited me to go visit her there and it just so happens the HSBC Rugby Sevens games were happening at the same time so why not go watch the some rugby as well? I’m not such a fanatic of the sport but in the past two days of watching the games I have learnt a thing or two. @Sab_G and I also spent a good amount of time watching the teams train more than watching them play hahaha #eyecandyfordays.




I took a train to Paris, decided it would be a nice change and adventure as opposed to your usual one hour flight. The train ride was super comfortable, very scenic, and didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Two hours passes you by really quick when you are engrossed in a really good book! Shout out to Eurostar for the great journey to and from Paris. I highly recommend them and make sure to get your tickets early because just like flight tickets, the rates go up the closer your departure date is.

Besides rugby and turning up with friends, we did get some sight seeing and exploring in. Our hotel was just 15 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower, so the walk back from the stadium was my favourite time because of how beautiful the tower looks all lit up. Too bad my phone was always dead at that point, ended up not getting some good pics of the tower at night.


Arc de triomphe at dusk



The view from 15th arr., across a most magnificent bridge.

Paris, much like London is a pedestrian city i.e. you can actually walk everywhere which saved me a lot in transport costs and I got in some good cardio throughout the weekend, win win! Cabs are a complete no no here unless you are willing to break your budget – super expensive for no reason at all. Thank God for Uber and the metro is super accessible too. The French people are not the politest but they are also not as closed off as the English though. The language barrier was a challenge but I did not get lost once and even brushed up on the VERY LITTLE French that I could recall from my high school days haha.


Lastly, the food. This is part where I really wish I had more time there to fully experience french cuisine. Going from stadiums, to clubs, to shops, back to the stadium and etc… we were not eating as well as we should but the buffet breakfast at the hotel was superb. Authentic french croissants are the best croissants. So fluffy, so tasty, so filling! Macarons had to be had as well though they are not some of my favourite desserts but when in France, do as the french do yes?

The one thing I did notice about the French is their love for fresh bread. Everywhere we went I would see people carrying two or three baguettes along with their morning paper to take to their family or to the office and in the evenings for possibly evening tea? Bakeries around every corner enticing me with that fresh brioche aroma, sigh… Why did I stop eating bread again? If I lived in France I think my gluten-free days would come to a quick and abrupt end.


The McDonald’s in Paris is tres fancy:)

All in all, Paris was fantastic, Paris 7s was even better, Kenya may not have won but they played really well and they are sure to play even better at the on going London 7s. Fun-fact: I have now covered the 7s games in three countries! Kenya, USA and now France. I want to do a complete circuit one day, hopefully my wanderlust addiction gets me there. Glad I can finally scratch France off my travel bucket-list though.

That’s it for now, have a great week ahead.


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