Taking Stock – 14

Are all of you as sad as I am to see May come to an end? This has been quite a fun-filled month for me and now that I’m knee-deep into my dissertation, no more fun for a good one and a half months till I complete this project… Sigh. Almost there, I can see the light at the end of this academic tunnel.

Making: Changes to my already very full calendar! Summer is looking like a heavy one right now.

Cooking: About to make gizzard stew and quinoa – yes I started eating quinoa and it’s actually growing on me.

Drinking: Lemon water and green tea on the daily:)

Reading: I don’t know if I will get to read much while finishing up with school but I will keep you updated if I do.

Looking: For some gratification…

Playing: Still playing words with friends with the bro and winning each game now!

Wasting: No time in writing my dissertation all day every day. Pray I stay as focused all summer.

Creating: Some major vision boards in my mind that I should probably put down on paper. I see a good future ahead and I like that feeling.

Wishing: August could get here already so I can be done with school finally.

Enjoying: Rather enjoyed, the past few weeks. I have met some great people, made some new friends, connected with some old ones, had some fun… It’s been a good month.

Waiting: For August like…. haha, I’m so ready to be done with school, can you tell?

Liking: The progress I’m making with my self love journey. I began meditation and following a meditation journal earlier this year and it has really helped me regain my centre and focus on making a better, happier, healthier me.

Wondering: Whether I will succeed in everything I am trying to accomplish this year. I really want to, but I just don’t know if I will given the constant challenges that keep coming my way. I’m praying for good tidings though.

Loving: The city of Paris so much! I got a chance to visit for the first time two weeks ago and I want to go back so badly. Paris, you have my heart, I will be back.

Hoping: For great progress in my career ahead. My fear of the unknown is so great goodness, the anxiety affects me so much that I have to keep telling myself to calm down. As I finish this MA I just want it to be worth it, this year abroad to have been worth the effort, the cost, the time. So I’ll keep hope alive.

Marvelling: At the beauty of love between different cultures. My friend (Kenyan) just got married to her college sweetheart (Indian) this month and it was the most colourful wedding I have ever been to. It’s nice to see two very different cultures come together and celebrate love like that. Also, one hell of a party Bunji, thanks!

Needing: I really still want that spa day… Once this dissertation is submitted, I promise to get one.

Smelling: Laundry detergent. Currently doing laundry at 10pm at night. Weird I know.

Wearing: Flared jeans, a jumper and house slippers.

Following: I’ve followed so many people in the past week alone! Let me see, I think @SimplyCyn on Instagram is my favourite follow of the month because she is a fellow travel junkie like me and her feed is superb.

Noticing: That my gym commitment is finally bringing in some results, yay!

Knowing: That no matter what, God is on my side and will guide my future in the way that he wants it to go. I just wish he could let me know where it is going though haha.

Thinking: Of the conversation I had with my friend Adongo a few days ago… She always knows how to put things into perspective.

Feeling: Nostalgic. Of what? I can’t really pinpoint but it’s a good, familiar feeling.

Bookmarking: Nothing of late.

Opening: My notebook to get back to writing notes for my project.

Giggling: At this really annoying song everyone seems to be into nowadays… Panda Panda Panda. WTH?


Feature image by Jay Belmar.



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